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Saturday, October 14, 2006
  I’m In A Different League Now, People!
The League of the 30-somethings, that is!
Since this is my birthday post, I’ll put every single wish I’ve received, *here*.
Enjoy, Zack!

Ze cake. Thank you, Abah Ikmal!

Along comel happy besdey 2 u dr mak dan ayah semoga along sentiasa sihat walafiatMom via sms

(Mom's sms came a tad too late, i.e 9.30 pm. Aku dah nak merajuk, ingatkan aku jadi macam Samantha Baker dalam Sixteen Candles :(, but the fact is, my father has reminded my sister Ija, to wish me a Happy Birthday on behalf of the whole family, A DAY before my birthday. Poyo punya Ija, tak bagi tau aku!) Takpelah, lagipun aku lahir pukul 9.00 malam...mom knows best, what!

Siggie made by Faust- the coolest Brazilian dude from pbforum.org

Happy birthday!Sofia via sms

Happy 30th birthday may ure wish comes true .. Dah agak tua tapi still cool - Shida via sms

(Tua? Oleh kerana kau kata aku cool, aku maafkan kau, Shida)

Happy birthday 2 u!K Elly via sms

Siggie made by Te Raina aka Phineas McGillicuddy aka hottest Mama from the land of the kiwis, also fellow pbforum.org forumer

Hepi birthday tu yu.. Hepi birthday tuyu.. Bangun..Ija via sms

(sms sampai masa aku nak habis sahur)

A’kum cousin. Happy 30th bday & have a blissful year! Ampun & maaf 4 any wrongdoings. Take care!Cousin Dr. Azlin via sms

B’day kau arini ke besok? Anyway. Welcome to the 30 somethng club. Hapy birthday 2 u. – the newest member.Faiz via sms

Ze candles, as blown by the sole heir. Le sigh...

Ok sempat la nak bg pressie, card pun akak dah buat 2am this morning bru siap pergh if its for u its worth it! – K Swan via sms


Kak Swan via sms

(Kak Swan gave me a lovely home-made birthday card and a gorgeous pashmina shawl. Thank you vvv much, Kak!)

Siggie made by Mo, one of the many hardworking admins at pbforum dot org

Hello Zack,
We at House M.D. Boards would like to wish you a happy birthday today!
administration@house-boards.com via e-mail

HAPPY BDAY!Reload on & within 3days before/after BDay for 50% bonus.SELAMAT HARIJADI! Isisemula pd&dlm masa 3hari sebelum/selepas Harijadi utk 50% bonusDiGi via sms

(Oh ya, sebelum aku terlupa. Sudahkah anda mendaftar nombor handphone prepaid anda? You have until 15th December to do so!)

And just because...(I've waited like, 4 months to put up this particular video. Hawt!)

"The word I'd use to describe Wentworth is egoless. When you're the star of a hit show, nominated for Golden Globe, it would be easy to think it was all about you. But Wentworth refuses to be like that. I have seen girls go crazy for him -- they say they want to have his children. He handles it with profound grace. It's the same with his acting. He doesn't have to do a lot to convey a lot. For example, in one scene [my character] Sara lets it slip that it's her birthday, and Michael says 'Happy birthday.' When we shot it, Wentworth chose to say it at a moment when I wasn't looking at him. I didn't realize what he'd done until I watched it. He conveyed so much tenderness, it was so poignant, because she missed it all. We were watching the episode together, and when I saw that I turned to him and said, 'Awww. I might have a crush on you." -- costar Sarah Wayne Callies, TV Guide June 19-25, 2006

Thank you all vvv much, including those who called to wish me and those who wished me in person! *Muahs!*

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Happy Birthday Sistah!

How was last friday?
Tima kasih Ijan.
Tunggu entry aku jap lagi, ok.
Syoknye bila sms ko boleh terpublish kat dalam net. Cemanerhaaa nak mengharungi another 10 years b4 we get to forty? Saspenlaa pokcik. Memang rasa dah tua abis ni. Another 10 years Nashua dah Form 1, Another 10 years my eldest nephew dah masuk U, Another 10 years.. my mum shud wud be 66. Another 10 years, what will happen to the world?

Rgds / Faiz
Insya Allah, kalau panjang umur kita akan live long enuff to see all that. At least kau dah ada 3 offspring! Yg aku nih masih lagi stuck at one :P
aku rasa aku ler orang yang paling lambat skali nak wish ko happy belated birthday ..dah 30 dah yek... 1st time aku kenal ko masa form 3..and last skali aku jumpa ko is in yr2000 masa tu sama2 naik bas balik kije from uptown ..aku ade course kat situ.. .. lama tu!!
btw..raya ko kat mana taun ni? aku balik muar, jb, kl, perak..fuhh.. kutub selatan kutub utara la aku.. nampak gaya duit minyak keta bulan ni melambung2.. jgn pakai spectra la..pancit makan minyak banyak.. aku duk berharap menang toyota yaris ni.. doakan aku yek! nway happy belated birthday again!!
Mother of fuck, kakak aku lahir 15 Oct! Gila fucking kecik dunia.
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