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Monday, September 18, 2006
  I'm Too Handsome to do Paperwork...
...and other wonderful House-isms here.

I've been alienating people since I was three.

The healer with his magic powers!
I could rub his gentle brow for hours.
His manly chest, his stubbled jaw,
Everything about him leaves me raw.
Oh, House your very name
Will never leave this girl the same.

NB : Ode for such a wonderful doctor, ditujukan khas buat Gregory House daripada pesakit wanita berusia 82 tahun yg menghidap siflis tu. Haha, satu lagi, note to Faiz, who said I don’t like House sebab dia tak hensem ? (mungkin kau maksudkan macam Wentworth la). With Wentworth it’s different. I admired both the actor AND the character (Michael Scofield). As for Hugh Laurie, I’m not very familiar with his other works, save for this one film here, Stuart Little, so basically, it’s Gregory House MD for moi.

All prim and proper as Frederick Little, wey hey! That kinda explains his affection to Steve McQueen… (terer jugak aku buat diagnosis, hehe…)


Best ke HOUSE ni? mana best Grey's Anatomy atau ER? Hmmm Chicago Hope? General Hospital? so many doctors wannabe huh?
Along, kau amik la Wentworth, aku nak Hugh Laurie (aku ada persamaan dengan dia, main Nintendo DS n PSP)
Jimi, Greys Anatomy terlalu drama. ER best sebab ada trio Clooney, Wyle dan Edwards, Chicago Hope takde dr. hensem. General Hospital aku tak pernah tgk. House pulak is a cross-bred between CSI’s investigation skills (or mcm Sherlock Holmes, yg mana nama House tu diperolehi drp. Holmes/ Homes/ House), the humor a la Joss Whedon’s Firefly, dan 10 kali ganda wit dan sarcasm a.k.a House-ism, you’ll feel guilty for loving this man.

Cik Anonymous, lain kali letak nama eh. Aku tak nak pun Hugh Laurie tu. Aku nak Gregory House aje. (Lain la mcm Scofield/Wentworth, dua2 pun aku nak!)
Hooked up on Dr. House now hehe. :)
Faust! You stalker! ;)

I think i'm pretty done with PB right now.
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