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Monday, September 11, 2006
  I Miss Fox River Already...
It’s time for us to stop being cons and start being civilians… Michael Scofield

Rundown of the first 2 episodes of the new season.

Episode 1 – Manhunt

I've only watched it 1 and a half time, and just like the first time i watched Harry Potter 4 or Revenge of the Sith, i was totally blown away, coz after waiting for such a loooonngg time, i've finally seen it and believe me,the feeling was damn good. But after a while, reality sinks in, and i found out that there were so many plot holes and illogical scenes! I rated it a Fair.

Agent Mahone
The latest addition to the series, I personally think that his character is waaayyy too perfect. Pill-popping dude, probably with the same condition of low-latent inhibition as Michael, with the same wit and sarcasm of Gregory House, MD. Tak sabar rasanya nak tonton Invasion yg bakal muncul di 8tv hujung bulan ni!

The water looks damn fine…

Best bit: Strip-tease in the woods…hehe…
Come to think of it, I kinda missed Fox River.
Rate : ***/ *****

Episode 2 – Otis

Definitely better than the first one, but they shouldn’t have that elevator scene. It was way OTT, imho, and jeopardizes their plan to escape. Well, I understand Linc’s concern about LJ, but they could have made a waaayyy better plan to rescue him. Anyway, the elevator scene DID make me screamed the f-word, especially when Linc dropped the toy gun. (Luckily my son was somewhere else!)

Michael Scofield

 No Reason, No Excuse, Just Have To Put It Here...

I love the disguises, cap and glasses and the Steve McQueen suit. He reminds me of Forrest Gump, sitting on that park bench. I can almost hear him monologueing - My momma said life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get!

T Bag and Dr Gudat
Hoho, this bad-a_s mofo is getting better and better! I love the way his character is developing into something more sinister by the minute. But I just couldn’t help but noticing, but can the severed hand be healed spontaneously, without any therapy or something? Was Dr Gudat THAT good? (wow, if he’s still alive, he could make an appearance in an episode of House!). Is there any nurses working there? Why isn’t anybody realized what happened at the vet? Why didn’t Mrs Gudat called him, just to say hi? Why didn’t he just make a run for it after attaching the hand (or while T-Bag was barfing), instead of prescribing some painkillers and antibiotics, knowing that his life might as well be in danger? Hmm…

(ex) Captain Brad Bellick
Haha! I was about to ask him, ‘Hey Bradley, if you die, can I have your DVD’s?’ I think he’s shown us his vulnerable side in this episode. I kinda love his character, a loner, and only child still living his mom. Yeah, it’s disgusting what he had done to Marilyn, Westmoreland and Tweener, but they DID plug the hole with him, bound and gagged, smacked him in the head and made him lose his job which he had been doing ever since he was 18. What do you expect him to do if he’s not working at Fox River? Flip some burgers at Mickey D’s? Well, there goes the lake house…

I couldn’t stop noticing his rosy complexion and cherry-tinted lips. Do they actually allow chap-sticks in there? The first time I saw him, I was thinking about that scene in Napoleon Dynamite.

Clown of a lawyer or whoever at the receiving end (C): Whaddaya need?
LJ: Can you get it for me?
C: No LJ.
LJ: But my lips hurt real bad!
C: Why don’t you borrow from the nurse, she’s got like 5 of them in her drawer.
LJ: I’m not gonna use hers you sicko!
C: Bye LJ.
LJ : Ugh. Flipping idiot!

Abruzzi and the fried chicken
One of my fave scene! Yummy! Definitely the next best thing after Paris Hilton in that Burger King ad!

Overall, I rated this episode a ‘Good’. *** ½ / *****.

Thanks a lot to Adreen for sending me the CD’s, sebab komputer aku masih lum sihat lagi utk tujuan2 downloading.

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Wah, memang peminat hero Prison Break la ni. Hmmm. good to know. Remind me how crazy i am with Zhang Zi Yi.

Gelak tengok ada entry FRIENDS dalam diari. My gile-gile ialah buat scrapbook pasal TITANIC.That was eons ago.

Finally written first film review since moved to new blog. HEART.
Malu nak ngaku, tp aku lum tengok lagi Titanic. Sampai la ni, hehe...

btw, on the obsession thingy, kalau aku 15 aku tak kisah beb. Ni dah nak masuk 30 kau...
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