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Sunday, July 02, 2006
  Rahsia Paling Gila Setakat Ini
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"Sometimes I imagine the Hot FedEx Guy when I'm in bed with my husband.
What's worse? My husband is a UPS driver."

Image from PostSecret.blogspot.com
William Fichtner nanti join next season kan as a federal agent yg kejar diorang? Man, this is gonna be so cool.
Dude, that is sooooo gay! You commented on the wrong post btw. Eh, ko dah habih tengok ke? And last Friday, were you at Berjaya Times Square? Thot I saw somebody like you la.
Apasal wrong post lak? Ko cerita pasal series finale, aku sambung sikit pasal what to expect kat next season. It's the same ballgame, man.

Apa yg gay? That Norris shite? Wei, he's my childhood hero, okay? Show some respect!

Times Square? Takde, haven't been 'round that area since aku carik handset aritu.
No, maksud aku, ko post kat PostSecret punya post nih. Season finale PB punya post tu hah kat atas tuh.

Well Bill Fichtner akan jadi Agent Buck Mahone. Dia mcm Scofield jugak, brainy dan articulate dan akan kejar diorg sampai dpt. Aku harap dia akan lebih evil drp Kellerman yg sekarang dah boleh jadi lapdog President (yup, the VP is now THE President of the USofA, man. How fucked-up can you get??)

Okay la, Chuck Norris pun, Chuck Norris la, jgn David Carradine udah le. Kinda miss Donald Darko, though. Haha, guys in black singlets and mullet hairdo are seriously hilarious! (see also Ghost World)
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