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Thursday, July 13, 2006
  Get on the train, get on the train...
When I’m feeling blue (+ bengang gila)
All I have to do
Is take a look at you…

Michael Scofield in Brothers Keepers, my fave Prison Break episode so far. Will be aired next fortnight.

(and 102 more pics of you)

Damn, aku mmg tengah tension gila. Fuckin’ a-train. Satu hari aku mesti ambik gambar crowd kat stesen monorail Hang Tuah di waktu peak hour dan hantar ke newspaper. Dan HR dept. Member dah masuk 4 kali dapat memo sbb datang lewat. Balik lewat diorg tak sebut pulak. :-(

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I used to whine about train and all; but now, thanks to Rapid KL, life is great again.
Rapid my ASS!!! Aku ada masalah ngan monorel la. Dan juga gambar kau yg baru ni.
Thanks to Rapid KL, life is great again? you are freaking joking!

ehh... isn't monorail supposed to be MONOSNAIL? fucking slow with fucking expensive fare?
Tak slow ijan, cuma kalau takde tren, mcm *toot* kena beratur, esp kalau kat Hang Tuah. ramai gila.
Read between the line, Maddox. I'm still using the train, but thanks to Rapid KL, komuter turn out to be ain't bad AT ALL.

Oh yeah, Zack, talk about my picture. Check this shit: http://ironboard19.blogspot.com/2006/07/forgotten-hero-chuck-norris.html -- I ain't alone in this universe, ya know?
ahhhh.. yes.. if that's the case.. I agree wif you...

hahahaha.... aku dah bashed IB already the moment he posted that thing. Muahhah.... doing a favour for you la zack!
What favour Ijan?

Dunno la guys. Mullet hairdo. Pendek. Muskular. Kinda reminds me of White Goodman dalam Dodgeball.
bile kluo je mamat ni kat tv, yatt sure tanya aku.."ni la mamat yg zack minat giler tu kan? apa yg hensemnye?"...ahh..well...yatt..one thing for sure, tafsiran hensem itu amat berbeza-beza...
Nadia, bukan setakat hensem la beb. Ada banyak lagi X-Factor yg membuatkan aku suka gila kat Wentworth, tp aku tak nak la elaborate lagi. Nanti ada org muntah pulak karang...
bla.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..

Rasanya kat area Jln Tun Razak menghala ke TUDM Sg Besi tu ada satu hotel nama WENTWORTH? Wakakakaka!
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