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Monday, July 17, 2006
  Aku Tak Segila Diorang Ni...
Blasphemy! Click to find out.

Ever. There's a limit to everything.

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OMG! memang gila! hehehe...
him again? sigh......
muka tension tengok mamat nie....---------->>
Yeah Coy. Dalam gila tu ada kelakarnya!

Ijan, jgn jeles.

Senyum sampai ke telinga sejak bangun tidur pagi tadi sebab malam ni ada The Pretty!!! ----->
waa... memang gila.... ko... dah jadi ahli ke?? ....apsal masa dia dalam dinotopia korang tak segila camni?? ...rambut dia kut... tu yg. ikmal nak buat rambut camtu jugak kutt... saya suka citer dia... memang best! ...first episode terlepas... nak tunggu kat tv... lama sangat... so download je laaa... tak sabar tunggu musih baru... sapa ganti Sara aaa??
Sapa ganti Sara? Takkan tak tau2 lagi (wink, wink). btw, oon, welcome back!
Tang FCOWM tu, tak nak la aku jadi member. Kan aku dah kata, there's a limit to everything. Takleh la extreme sangat. And, masa dalam Dinotopia, ada jugak perasan Wentworth, tp tak menonjol sangat la watak dia. Have u watched The Human Stain? Drool....
oh shit.. he's like a god now to some people..?? And they called him The Pretty..??

..The Pretty??

..how gay can u be?
T-Bag panggil Michael Scofield Pretty la. Nama timangan dia kat Fox River. Do you even watch the show, Edd?
I did watch few episodes.. but sadly I didn't really enjoy it, Zack. Maybe it's not for me..

..cukup la ko sorang saja yg gila PB. Kalau aku pun gila, confirm blog kita akan dipenuhi dgn komen masing-masing.
Haha, aku tak boleh bayangkan kalau kau pun sama terkena virus Wentworth!
Tak tau apa2 psl Wenworth ni. Yg aku tau kat area Jln Tun razak ada satu hotel nama Wenworth. Kalau mamat ni dtg Msia bleh la lepak hotel tu kot.
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