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Monday, June 26, 2006
  Prison Break Spin-Offs We Want To See. Or Not.

Prison Break-back Mountain
David Apolskis (a.k.a Tweener) and Charles Patoshik (a.k.a Haywire), being separated from the rest of Team Escarpara, went into hiding at the mountain range to avoid being tracked. They moonlight as a couple of sheepherders during the day, but at night… (*insert the song ‘Hello’ by Lionel Ritchie here*).

So you think X-Men 3 is the last installment on the highly successful franchise? Well, think again. Purportedly, a new mutant named Michael Scofield replaces the now-demised Cyclops as the new leader of the pack. His mutant powers include being able to heal spontaneously despite being cut and burned, and the power to melt 85% of the female population with that wry smile and intense gaze.

Image from prisonbreak.fan-sites.org
Apparently, the writer was badly affected by the mutant power of Michael Scofield and has to be wiped off the floor.

Big(ger) Fish
A new con named John Coffey (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) joins the rest of the inmates at Fox River Penitentiary.

Michael (Scofield)
Two tabloid reporters traveled to the heart of Panama to investigate a claim of an old woman that her neighbour is a real, live archangel named Michael (Scofield). Upon arrival, they see that her claims are true - but unlike the original Michael (played by John Travolta) who smokes, drinks beer, has a very active libido and has a rather colourful vocabulary, the new Michael (Scofield) is highly articulate, intelligent, perfectly formed and instead of having two protruding wings, he’s missing two little toes.

Rosemary-cruz’s Baby
A spine-chilling thriller set in the Latino background. After marrying her sweetheart’s cousin, Hector, a woman realized that her pregnancy is actually a part of a satanic ritual. She started having strange dreams and hearing strange noises, mostly related to her former lover, Fernando Sucre.

A rags-to-riches story of a successful airline company, as told by the founder, John Abruzzi. A semi-autobiography on his personal life, on how he started the family business which involves transporting cons from a prison to another. Rumours had it that he’s actually a feared mob boss.

All The (Vice) President’s Men
The critics called it ‘a mid-world between crime and art’. Rated NC-17, this is the latest film that shocked the whole nation. It was banned in 23 states. And it has grossed over 60 million dollars. Written, directed and produced by a newcomer, Danny Hale, it featured, among others, some archival footage of his former best friend, Paul Kellerman, in ‘compromising positions’ with Vice President Reynolds.

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bukan cap pensonic dah nie.semua cap ada.sony,pensonic.national.kdk.eh cap kedai ah seng segambut pun ada?.hahahhaaha.

losak sula kawan saya solang ini.manyak losak.saya pun sula sama losak sbb ini worang.

tiap-tiap hari isnin ah,saya suluh olang panggil saya itu nama michael scofield,kalau tak pun ah,panggil scopel pun ok maaaa.

(berikut adalah petikan seorang addicted di ulu banat,negeri sembilan)

sekian.saya ayobsinghkelubiwalia melaporkan utk tvmamaikmal.kembali kepada mama ikmal.
binari (beauty secret from the east) ade menang tak?
aku menang no2 (fridge samsung) & 3rd (handphone samsung)
elok sangat sebab duk hint2 kat hubby nak fridge and w/mchine baru
marigold jgn lupa hantar before end of the week!hadiah myvi & cash..lumayan
Terima kasih la Don. Hmm, sekarang setiap hari Isnin saya sungguh bersemangat untuk pergi ke pejabat!

Lin! Always the good news! Congrats la (wuih, dapat handphone lagi!!). Hehe, Binari punya conest tu, tak sempat hantar la Lin (siap beli dah produk dia, cuma tak dan hantar). Banyak yg terlepas deadline sbb terlupa! Marigold, ahem, belum lagi makcik. Nanti saya tengok dulu.
zack..aku dah lama tak singgah sini. skali bukak nak citer pasal harry potter yg katanya 2 character akan mati dalam buku ke 7, tapi tiba2 tgk blog ko nih penuh giler dgn wentworth (sori la kalo spelling salah). aduhai... addicted habis nampak? heheheh...
Jgn marah Jihan, aku tinggalkan Harry, Ron & Draco sementara aje, sbb filem/buku tu kuar lama lagi. Dan yup, aku pun ada terbaca ttg rumour tu. JKR pun sedih gak, sbb buku 7 ni yg last, right? Agak2 sapa yek? (aku harap2 ada showdown antara Harry ngan Neville!)

btw, aku masih lum beli HBP, sbb rasanya paperback version belum kuar. Yg hard cover pun masih expensive (last time aku check kat Carrefour masih RM80++). Ko tak nak bagi aku pinjam ke, hehe....

PS: Eh, ko follow tak Prison Break ni...
Harry ngan Voldermort dua2 mati kot.. dah last2 takde wizard yg terrer... kuikuikui... aku pun merasai ape yg JKR rasa. sedih... nanti dah takde ape2 nak look forward to. kan?

a'ah aku tgk buku 6 still takde paperback version lagik. yg lelain sumer dah murah2 dah. aku takleh la nak kasi ko pinjam. sbb aku pun pinjam kazen aku punya. hahahhaa.. nanti la tunggu aku ada duit, aku nak collect sumer.. sian tak aku. ketinggalan zaman.. heeheheh..

aku tak tgk pun prison break. kadang2 je kalo dah rasa bosan sgt. hero ngko tu hensem, tapi blom berjaya menambat hati aku. masih setia dgn brad pitt.
Brad Pitt? Hmmm, masa tengok Fight Club pun aku lebih minat si Ikea boy tu. Dinch taste nyah!!!

Hmmm, betul jugak tu. I mean, aku takkan klik ke mugglenet dah, tak buat post2 gila Harry/ Dracokat sini, tak tertunggu2 kat wayang... man, we need a new Harry!!!
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