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Thursday, May 04, 2006
  Sebab2 Untuk Masuk Penjara Atau Terdampar Di Pulau Yg Terpencil
James ‘Sawyer’ Ford from Lost
Oookkaayyy, now put those hands where I can see them!

Michael Scofield from Prison Break
No Sir, Wentworth is not a geek’s name.

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Wentworth Miller is like the coolest name ever man..

..wonder what his friends call him? Went? Worth? Wento? Wenster? Twortho? Worthy? Double U Double U? Miller Boy?...

..Ok, I need to stop.
Aku panggil dia 'Babe' aje...
Wentworth cool la tu. Daripada Aloysius, Tobias, Rupert dgn Nigel.

P/S: Oh, ya! Nama George pun sama bangkai jugak.
si wentworth ni penah jadik hantu dlm ghost whisperer..memule dia keluar, mak aiiii...terkezut aku! tapi bile soulnye dah tenang, dia kembali hensem...hehehehehe...;-)
Or Malachy (nama anak Cillian Murphy). btw, talking about Tobias, kinda reminds me of Noob Saibot, satu karakter dalam game Mortal Kombat yg diambil sempena nama penciptanya, Boon & Tobias.

Nadia, dia ni jadi apa pun hensem gila. Semalam aku beli The Human Stain, semata2 sbb ada Wentworth (walaupun aku tak brapa gemar filem2 dlm genre tu).
kalau lah aku dapat terdampar kat a deserted island dengan carmen electra... hubba hubba!!!
Maddox, dinch taste nyah!!!!

btw, kalo ko rajin, cari la filem Miss Cast Away, filem spoof yg menampilkan ramai model2 buxom dan Michael Jackson.

Aku teringat Carmen Electra dalam Date Movie... dgn spoof Paris Hilton tu...

hmmm.. takpe takpe... nanti aku cari.
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