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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  I'm a (Malay) woman, hear me roar !!!
KUALA LUMPUR: What is success to a Malay woman? Having children is top of the list, according to a survey here. In the nationwide study among 1,000 women aged 15 to 67 years, 96% said having children was the biggest success indicator. They listed academic achievement and earning an income as other measures of their success. The survey was conducted by the Women for Progress Research Unit of the International Islamic University. Dr Noraini Mohd Noor, from the unit, who presented the findings, said Malay women in the country faced a conflict between career and family.

“They want to be assertive and successful but, at the same time, there are cultural constraints,” she told a forum, Malay Women’s Perception of Progress, here yesterday to discuss the findings of the survey. “They feel if they’re doing too much or being too aggressive, their feminine side will be lost. “Then, there is the fact that when you’re too successful, you may have to sacrifice or neglect your family in the process of getting to the top.”

The survey, which was sponsored by a leading moisturiser brand, found only 35% of the respondents felt they had achieved their aspirations. While progress and aspirations are linked, the obstacles they face are lack of opportunities, money and qualifications. The survey also found that there was still a glass ceiling for women at the workplace and, generally, women preferred having women bosses. Dr Noraini said Malay women were expected to be a pillar of strength as a mother, yet remain feminine and subservient as a wife.
This expectation is more predominant among women in rural areas than among their urban counter-parts. The study shows women in the 31 to 45 age group to be the least happy and optimistic, as they are overwhelmed by the need to juggle career and family, or just being a homemaker.

Dari The Star, 15/3/2006.

Well, for moi, happiness is when u have..
- a healthy body, and equally healthy body image. Plump sikit tak ngapa, janji sihat. Sihat juga bermakna, sihat dr segi mental dan spiritual.
- successful children. Yang berjaya dalam World dan akhirat juga. Yg boleh mendoakan kita setelah kita mati nanti.
- spouse yg understanding. Yg memahami kehendak dan keperluan, terutama yg sama2 bekerja, dan sama2 penat.
- an understanding family, terutama mertua, ipar duai.
- kerjaya yg menjamin masa depan, dgn benefit2 yg menarik. (Medical RM680 p.a, dental RM250 p.a, pada aku, Alhamdulillah, is more than enough…)
- friends. Yang boleh mendengar dan berbicara. Walaupun setakat di paparan komputer.
- a good (and healthy) sex life. Long live Vitalsexuals!
- spare time for me, myself and I.
Image from stradanove.net Gelagat mamaikmal ketika nonton.

Anyway, I would be much HAPPIER if I have the following…

- Malcolm Reynolds or Jayne Cobb or Simon Tam. Preferebly Mal. *right here *. Nekkid. (Acah je. Jgn marah ye sayang). Oklah, Jayne’s vintage shirts (cool gila).
- Ikea furniture^ for my house.
- Keberanian utk memegang stereng dan drive!
- Tukang masak, tukang basuh baju, tukang gosok, tukang urut, tukang karut, oopss…
- Control over the fuel prices.
- Paris Hilton’s wealth.
- Halal gourmet chocolate
- Joss Whedon to continue Firefly.
- Mal to hook up with Inara, instead of that beyotch Nandi.
- Mal in a pretty floral bonnet.
- River Tam’s brain. Or brother.

I’ll be in my bunk” I can kill you with my brain Are you asking me to dance ?

Firefly characters images from sf-radio.net.

^ Bukan aku tak mampu beli, tp disebabkan aku masih menyewa, terpaksa la aku batalkan niat murni tuh…(walaupun air liur aku meleleh tgk Katalog 2006-nya)

PS : Sori for the Firefly stuffs. I can't help it sbb tgh demam, and takde sapa nak borak pasal ni, except Wan. Itu pun kalo dia tak sibuk...

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Alamak..ada geng rupanya. Aku seminggu 3 kali dok membelek katalog Ikea tu. Kalau aku pegi Ikea, duduk seharian pun takper. Tak tahu kenapa tapi aku suka sgt home design and furnishing..

..maybe it's my softer, feminine side. Atau aku ni mmg ada unsur2 Eric Leong??
My God, korang ni! Rumah aku full of Ikea furnitures. My God, kesian lak tgk korang ni.

Benda yg buleh buatkan aku happier cuma satu je: If this particular cross-breed gal grow up and love me to the bone. Man, if only... if only...
Edd, dude, tolong la jgn samakan my penchant for Ikea stuffs ngan Eric Leong. Aku tak brapa gemar stail dia. I mean, why would I wanna make my bedroom/ living room look like Inara’s shuttle ?

Aw, Nazim, or should I call you Ikea boy? Kan aku dah kata, aku taknak beli lagi sbb belum dok rumah sendiri…

Eh? Still no luck ngan Nely Hasina Hasan Choy tu ke?
zack, i can't believe that survey! apa ni? aku setuju dgn ko successful children, anak2 yg solehah! beranak byk2 tak jaga elok2 pun tak guna... :-P
Haha, betul, betul. I wonder sapa target group dia...
I once did a market study - Malay women felt that they are successful (or rather, worthy) if they are considered by others as good housekeepers. And top on the list - kalau boleh masak fresh food, jaga makan-minum husband etc etc. This is very cultural, I believe. Other races tak kisah sangat pasal masak makan ni; dapat beli lunch/dinner dah okay, bagi husband makan maggi or biskut kering for teatime dah kira okay.

So, betul tak kalau kita kata Malay women are still strongly affected and judged by cultural expectations?
I totally agree Kak Queen. Especially if your MIL lives just two doors down from you ...:-)

PS : One thing that I enjoyed doing is potong kuku (fingernails and toenails) Ikmal, and then Abah Ikmal. Very relaxing !
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