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Thursday, February 09, 2006
  Soundtrack Meme
Got this one from someone’s blog, dan ubah suai sikit2…
Buat le kalau rajin

Answer the questions using only song titles from movie soundtracks.

Are you male or female? : Afternoon Sister fr The Virgin Suicides

Describe yourself : Canned Heat (Jamiroquai) fr Napoleon Dynamite

How do some people feel about you? : Children of the Revolution (Trex) fr Breakfast On Pluto trailer

How do you feel about yourself?: Burn (The Cure) fr The Crow

Describe what you want to be : Atomic (Blondie) fr Trainspotting

Describe your current mood : Would ? (Alice In Chains) fr Singles

Describe your friends : State of Love and Trust (Pearl Jam) fr Singles

Share a few words of wisdom : Caring is Creepy (The Shins) – fr Garden State

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canggih la, zack!! :-D
hmmm..state of love and trust! aku suke giler siot lagu ni!! mcm menarik gak nih..
arghh.. nak wat jugak la nanti, hehe.

2 of the best soundtrack of all time : Singles and The Crow. Awesome.

aku paling suka part Edd Vedder nyanyi 'hey na na na na..' diiringi dengan gitar solo McCready. Lagu State of Love and Trust lagu wajib jamming session aku..
Menarik gak ni. Aku suka Canned Heat dari Jamiroquai tu tapi sampai skrg belum tengok Napoleon Dynamite. Kau patut compile kan soundtrek2 tu semer Zek, pastu jual.. hahahha... "The Soundtrack of Zack".
gosh..i love both OST and the movies!! but the crow brandon lee je yg aku minat pun..for me the crow's dead when brandon died...).
aku suka state of love n trust tu pun psl that 'na...na..na..' part tu le..cam panggil nama aku je. hahahaha..perasan yg teramat nih!;-) jgn marah haaa...
Coy, apa yg canggihnya? Hehe, dah lama tak guna term tu…

Nadia, sama la. Pd aku, The Crow mati bersama2 Brandon Lee. Pergh, aku suka part Eric Draven jamming atas bumbung tu, pastuh dia kasi pecah itu gitar. Best giler!

Edd: Satu lagi soundtrack best- Garden State. Kalau ko tak tgk filem tu pun kau mungkin suka lagu2nya yg mellow dan kinda put you in the mood.

Mensh, jual? Sapa nak beli? Tp kan, just like Zach Braff, kalaulah aku bikin filem, soundtrack-nya mesti lagu2 yg best.

Oops aku lupa satu lagi – Tiada Lagi Kidungmu (Lefthanded) dr filem Rock. Best giler babak tu. (Aisey, Zack lagi…) Dengan baju pengantin, jamming Rimba Bara buat kali terakhir di rumah org kawin. One of the best Malay movies I've seen in years!
yesss..part tu!! arghhh..gile best la cite the crow tu, beb! tapi tu la..impian aku nak beli figurine crow siap ngan gitar tersangkut kat belkg tak kesampaian...uhuk..uhukkk...
rock? ko baca tak review aku last december? :-)
Baca. Detail jugak ko buat. Juga reviu dr rebiu, Edd dan Fadz. Ingat2 cam nak buat, tp sbb dah lama la. Korang tgk di panggung, aku tgk di VCD. Maybe aku buat ringkas2 jelah.
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