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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
  Will somebody hand me a tissue !!
Take the quiz:
Which Horror Movie Are You?

The Blair Witch Project
You feel lost, and like you have no one to talk to. You know there are people there, you know you can get help, but you are too fearful of the outside world to the point of letting noone in. You might have a couple of close friends, but you push them away because your own fears overtake all feelings and emotions you might have. You aren't worrying about a specific thing, just life in general.

Quizzes by myYearbook.com-the World's Biggest Yearbook!

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aku Silence of the Lamb

You're a thinker, a creator, and a very psychological person. You enjoy learning about other people, whether it is to befriend them, or to destory them. You take pride in being you, although you sometimes can get fed up with even yourself. You're an extremely intelligent person, but don't let your mind get the best of you. You're smarter than you think.


You take pride in being different. You don't follow any trend, you don't follow any path of life - although this isn't the way it has always been. You used to conform for the masses - you were just like everyone else. Whatever your reasons were, you changed, and are now having fun being an individual and standing out above the rest.

Also in the same rating as this movie are :
The Texas Chainsaw Masacre

Hahahahahaha Swan dah cakap Zack anytime ko nak gi chainsaw someone im up for it! anytime..boleh juga dijadikan hobby sampingan..

On a different note, Zack why no comment on the latest horror movie this year HOSTEL directed by Eli Roth produced by Tarantino...nampak crazy giler..wot do you think mate?
Onn, maknanya ko ni mcm sapa? Clarice Starling ke, Hannibal Lecter ? Sedap tak otak goreng. Oh lupa, wrong movie…

Kak Swan, belum beli lagi la. Heard rave reviews on the movie, dan banyak scene2 ‘bak menggaru kuku ke papan hitam’, ala Saw/ Dark Hours/ The Descent. Nanti le, ok! Sembilu 2005 pun tak habis tengok lagi, hehe…
Oh ya ini film bagus sekali. (red: bukan film tapi ttg kenyataan). Very nice blog....
American Psycho... easily.

"Because I want to fit in." - Patrick Bateman.

Hell, truer words never spoken about me. Is Donnie Darko a horror? Kalau ye, tu lagi dekat kot rasanya?
Aku dok bega2 the html thingy semalam, now aku tak boleh bukak the previous pages kat sebelah tu. Dan tempat komen ni, tak di update. Apa ke henya??? Isk, isk, kalo ada sesapa yg terrer bab html ni, tolong le aku…

Wiwin, welcome! Thanks for dropping by! Loved ur kids pics. Cute banget sih !!

Nazim, I want to fit in too, but I don’t have a f*****g idea where. Ye, ye, nanti aku buatkan reservation utk kita kat Dorsia, boleh?

Donnie Darko ialah satu filem yg aku takleh nak kategorise-kan genrenya. What I can say is, it is one helluva film ahead of its time. Tgh tunggu the Director’s Cut from my BIL.

..aku pun dapat Blair Witch gak.

Pass me that tissue too will ya'..
Heard the Dir's Cut is as Hollywood as hell; explain too many shits. I've seen the DVD a coupla times now at **** ***** but never got the semangat to actually buy it.
OMG, i got Blair Witch too, eventhough my all time fav horror is Exorcist 3
Nazim, ko jumpa kat mana!????!?!? Aku tak jumpa pun kat area sini. Puas aku carik. My BIL tolong download.

Fadz, welcome back, brudder!

Eh, korang, tolong la bagitau. Is there something wrong with my blog? Aku try bukak previous pages takleh, and post terbaru pun tak kuar. Sedih siot.
aku nyer 'the shining'. katanya aku ni lonely sbb lack of things to get oocupied with & need something adventurous. argh..lebih kurang camtu la katanya. hmm..maybe betui le kot. tapi 'lack of things to get occupied with'??..heh..tipu ni..argh..buat lagi skali la..hehehehhe..;-)
zack, aku baru je dapat baca posting ko yg 19hb jan tu petang ni ha. baru sat tadi. selama ni aku bukak asyik kluo the irish are smiling tu...aku ingat ko bz bebeno ke apa ke..
zack tumpang lalu ar

LOL 'lack of things to get occupied with' memang laa tak betul..hahahahahaha

Zack melihatkan sibuknya engko sampai pages seblah pun dah tak bleh bukak, pasal tangan gatal ko tu, ko contact bukan sepet la dia expert
I can tell you where I found it, man, but then I have to kill ya.
Nadia, redrum, redrum ! Kalau dah ada anak ni, jgn tipu la kalau ko kata ko ‘lack of things to be occupied with’.

Kak Swan, saya dah bagitau Encik BS, tp maybe Blogger ada problem these few days (down for maintenance), so tengoklah 1-2 hari lepas ni, I hope dia okay balik. And thank u vvvv much to my old fren Coy (babynwatashi.blogspot) for giving me some codes to (hopefully) repair my template yg dah haywire tu.
Moral of the story : A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Err, Nazim, I have to return some video tapes, haha.
zack & swan,
tu la pasal..menipu betul quiz tu! haha..
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