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Thursday, November 24, 2005
  Persidangan Number-Crunchers Se-Malaysia 2005
For the last 2 days, and for the first time in my life (okay, okay, after getting my Chartered Accountant title in 2002), aku dapat attend Persidangan Akauntan Kebangsaan (National Accountants Conference), held in PWTC on the 22 & 23rd Nov 2005. Aku pernah attend sekali, but then I was replacing my boss yg tak dpt dtg for the second day. Man, do I feel proud to be a Manager of Value. Or am I ?

Aku sebenarnya tak berapa gemar acara2 formal camni, especially if it concerns number crunching muggles. Rasa mcm misfit jek. Part of me rasa bangga sbb aku dalam line professional, yg mana peranan akauntan sekarang is more than just a book keeper or number cruncher. Diorang juga menjadi catalyst atau penggerak yg berperanan utk menambah nilai dalam sesuatu organisasi. (Man, don’t make me start on the corporate/ accounting terms/ jargons, meremang you…)

Part of me pulak rasa mcm rigid and square (walaupun Suhaimi Sulaiman kata, he’s got a funky accountant). Honestly, aku tak minat langsung benda2 teknikal and numbers ni. I know, it’s my bread and butter, and I do them every friggin day, but y’know, deep inside of me, there’s another person waiting to be released. Someone yg artistic, suka kpd seni dan apa2 yg TIDAK berkaitan dgn numbers. Hell. The MASB baru release the new IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), and by God, kerja aku akan bertambah dua kali ganda lepas ni. Rasa mcm baru semalam jek aku terpaksa brush up with the latest technical gobbledegook in the forms of MASB’s. Aduh… my head…Auditor dah masuk for the interim/ pre-final audit, and got loads of unfinished businesses to kautim sbb dah dua hari takde kat ofis. sigh…

Among the memorable sessions at the NAC 2005:

Re:branding the Accountants in a Whole New World
By Hermawan Kartajaya, President, World Marketing Association (2002 - 2004)

Pak Hermawan is said to be one of the 50 gurus that has shaped the future of marketing. His session is lively, albeit a bit cheesy at the beginning (he played a video to the tune of A Whole New World !), tapi pengisiannya amat bermakna sekali. Yeah, aku sekarang lebih bermotivasi utk menjadi akauntan yg lebih WORLD !

You can reach Pak Hermawan here : www.hermawankartajaya.com/

Outsmarting Cyber ~ Villains
By Ankit Fadia, Intelligence Consultant, California, USA.

Woah, this dude makes me wanna go out and buy C++ books for moi and Ikmal. And start installing the long-overdue broadband at home. The experienced 19-year-old hacker gives an interesting talk on outsmarting cyber-villains. His advice for Net/ Handphone/ Google users ? STOP USING THEM ! Haha, kelakar mamat nih ! Belum reach the age of 20, tapi dah come out with 6 books under his name. Brilliant!

Ankit’s website -- >

“Life is too Short, so Live Life to the Fullest”
By Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina, Malaysia’s First Antarctic Solo Expeditor

What else can I say about this gutsy, wonderful lady ? Wow. I guess dia dah berjaya melakukan salah satu of the 7 things to do sebelum dia mati. A lady of small stature, beliau membuat aku rasa malu, sbb aku ni, harapkan tinggi jek (and physique mcm sportsman), tapi hampeh dalam bidang2 fizikal. Dok dalam ofis pun tak tahan sejuk, inikan pulak nak gi antartika. Hmmm…

DP Sharifah’s website : http://www.sharifahantarctic.com/index.htm

And yeah, Alhamdulillah, dah rezeki aku, aku dapat naik stage dua kali. First time, aku menang Accountants Treasure Hunt (3rd place methinks),and the second time, I won the Lucky Draw !!!! First timer luck agaknya. Hehe, I got RM1k spending money from Direct Access. Haha, jgn jeles….

Me – Proud to Be a Manager of Value on the outside, An art loving muggle on the inside.


Zack, my God, you are on a winning streak! Makcik ni asyik menang contest je. Lucky draw pun dia sapu. Congrats.

The speakers are certainly an impressive lot. I think I would have enjoyed them too.

But tell me (I tengah dok imagine ni) how was it, a hall full of accountants???? Remember that discussion some time back. Next, SHOW MW A FUNKY ACCOUNTANT (again, dok imagine my bespectacled brother, and all the other accountants I have had to deal with) (grin grin grin)
Kak Queen, thanks !

Hmm.. rasanya accountants mmg takleh lari dari image geek. Especially 'org2 lama'. Agaknya nature of work yg membuat diorang camtu. Tapi, if u get to know them better, they can be an interesting lot !

Yeah, the sessions are really interesting, except for some *yawn* technical ones (which is, as an accountant, mmg KENA tau la to keep abreast with the latest updates in the accounting world). Did ur brother attend the conference ?
accounting??...aiyakkkk...i'm terribly, horribly bad with numbers..
Hahaha! I know how u feel ler zack! Padan muka ko! (<----padan muka aku sebenarnya.. heh heh.)

Tapi apa kes! dah menang tu kira orait ler tu!

Terubat ler sikit jiwa ko.

Guna that rm1K tu to entertain that 'internal' zack. Beli vcd bebanyak lagi ler tu... ke tengok HP lagi 12 kali?
zack, bestnye!! congratulations!! :-D
winning strike mmg ader dlm blood kot ...anyway congrates..rezeki tuh!!
Nadia, accounting is MORE than just numbers !

BS, padan muka aku naper ?
Btw, aku nak guna duit tu buat entertain the ‘external’ Zack la. Aku nak beli accounting books and standards utk reference. Dan juga bayar yuran MIA membership aku yg dah tertunggak tu. Internal Zack dah lama kena nurture la, hehe…

Coy & Kaezrin, thanks heaps !
zack..yeah...i know. numbers intertwined with loads of decision-making, i supposed. gosh, dulu amik bisnes, terpakse gak belajo ni sume....mental torture btul.
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