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Monday, November 21, 2005
  HP Remakes We Wanna See. Or Not.

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Bring it on, mamacita !

Harry & The Chocolate Factory
Harry Potter uses his magical skills to find the golden ticket and got invited by one Willy Wonka, a Michael-Jackson lookalike, to his gigantic chocolate factory. Strange enough, nobody has ever heard from him since. (Idea from Nickelodeon.com)

Reservoir Hogs
Lord Voldemort cuts off Harry’s ear and doused him with gasoline, to the tune of ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’. (Idea from theonion.com). And yeah, the F-word is used 146 times, thanks to Mr QT.

Super Size Me : Hogwarts Edition
Morgan Spurlock and his crew harassed the house-elfs in Hogwarts kitchen. Questions may include the calories of pumpkin juices, as well as interviews with a few of Hogwarts students on what they’re having for lunch.

Scar Wars
The Dark Lord : (Phish, Phosh) Harry, I AM your father.
HP : (A rather cheesy ) Nooooooooooo……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

British Pie : Third Base
Dumbledore caught Harry doing something ‘nasty’ with a pumpkin pie. Ron, on the other hand, is attracted to older women, in the form of Malfoy’s mom. Also featuring a foreign exchange student, who looked stunningly awesome in a light blue swimming suit…

The Boy With The Golden Wand
Think Goldmember, at age 14. The Fook Me-Fook You twins are replaced by a much sexier version of Fred & George. Yeah baby !

Tagline : One (specky) wizard boy, One (specky) Malay mama, An unbelievable love story.
We all know the story so far. The sequel (directed by the ever-so-graceful Yasmin Ahmad), featured an uncut bubble bath scene between the two protagonists (and a horny female ghost) as well as loads of ‘berkemban’ scenes. Loads of ‘em….

Ah well…

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Memang sah ko ni gila HP.

...hehe. Aku suka British Pie. Menarik jugak kalau dibuat a straight-to-video movie. Atau softporn.

-->Specky. Tagline : One (specky) wizard boy, One (specky) Malay mama, An unbelievable love story. <-- Malay mama tu ko ke..?

Edd, sudah gaharu, cendana pula....

hehe, tapi aku guna body double la utk scene2 berkemban, hehe...(gelak cheeky)
wahahahaaa... zack, buat sendiri ke British pie tu.. ehm ehm.. I mean, did you really came up with the idea of the Malay mama and specky wizard? Ahaha...I've just just seen the movie (sebab busy beb, beraya punya pasal). I thought the cinemas were going to be packed, but not so. So, what can I say, the Brits enjoy hanging out more in pubs and bars rather than going to cinemas.
HP lagik?

Aku pun. Hewlett Packard. haha.

Zack? Berkemban? Hmmm... interesting.

Pakai double.. aiseh.. baru tgh imagine tadi... hehehe..
Effa, yg mana aku mention ideas tu, is from the said sources, tapi yg lain2 tu, as far as I’m concerned, kuar dr kepala aku la. Have u seen it?

En BS, isy, kau ni, jgn bayangkan bukan2. Nanti ketumbit mata…
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