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Monday, October 17, 2005
  Blond Bloke is the New Bond !!!
The Bond Questionnaire…

1. How many Bond movies have you seen?
12. With very blurred recollection of each films, sbb aku cuma tgk gitu2 jek.

2. What is your favourite Bond film? Your least favourite ?
Dr. No. Least fave – couldn’t remember la…

3. Who is your favourite 007 ? Your least favourite 007 ?

My all time fave would be Sean Connery. He’s THE MAN ! Least favourite – Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. I don’t like Pierce Brosnan in general, so I avoided watching his movies. Even when it featured a very young Daniel Radcliffe (The Tailor of Panama).

4. Do you have a favourite Bond girl? (If ‘Yes’ who?)
Honey Ryder. Emerging from the sea... * sizzle * And Wai Lin, as played by our own Datuk Michelle Yeoh.

5. Do you have a favourite villain ?
Jonathan Pryce. Lupa lak nama karakter dia. And Oddjob.

6. What is your favourite Bond spoof/ remake ?
A tie between the Austin Powers Trilogy and Undercover Brother. Not forgetting our very own Jefri Zain/ Nora Zain (no relations to Anuar & Ziana), and oso Mat Bond, from the Mat Sentul franchise.

7. Which actress would you like to see in the next bond film? Why?
Uma Thurman a.k.a Beatrix Kiddo herself. As the villain. Who gets to kick Bond in the balls without having to shag him first. And yeah, do him like you did Buck (‘I’m here to f**k’). Cool…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Blond, brunette, who cares ? As long as it’s not Mike Myers or Mat Sentul…

8. Daniel Craig is the new (Blond) Bond. What do you think ?
*sob * I was rooting for Clive Owen !!! Well, aku tak familiar sgt ngan DC, since I haven’t got the chance to watch Layer Cake yet. And yes, Jason Statham pun tak terpilih. Well, after the Transporter, he looked very much like a driver la.. Wait a minute, Clive Owen played a driver in the BMW series too. Ah well…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
You suave f****r, you !! Nevermind…

Questionnaire from www.ajb007.co.uk with spices from moi.


Sama la kita Zack. I prefer Clive Owen lagi. Nampaklah karisma brutal sikit. Cool pun iya. Susah sangat pun, budak sampah si Colin Farrell tu pun ok (dari si James "Bland" ni!!!).

Media UK pun bukan main lagi mengutuk habis-habisan. Bayangkan, ada satu siri tinjauan dibuat, 15 dari 16 orang yang ditanya kat tepi jalan.. tak kenal pun siapa mamat tu!

May be James Bond nak buat imej baru kut. Nak orang yang low-profile. Blond pula tu!! (Sabar je!). Dah la blond, muka boring gilak. Patut sangat digelar James Bland.
Hi Zack

I pun nak gak komen psal si Mat Craig ni, dah lah muka selamba boring tak de la style James Bond!

Kalau I kan I rasa I suka Christian Bale. Handsome and muka dia tak nampak kelakar. Ingat tak lagi dia dalam American Physco. Handsome giler and tinggi dia 6'1, true english guy and renungan mata dia..alahai..

Lupa nak tanya you dah tengok Paheli ke belum? Hotel Rwanda? The Motorcyle Diaries?

Sumernya best giler.
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Rem, senang2, kau ajelah jadi James Bond. Hehe, versi Sabahan, mesti macho giler !! ;-) Aku boleh jadi villain-nya. Anyway, at my age, Colin Farrell is too young to be Bond la. Jason Statham pun kira masih ok lagi la. Apapun, kita tgk whether gentlemen (and ladies !) really prefers blond!

Sis Swan, don’t get me started on the Bale-man !! He used to be my flavour of the moment (pls refer to a previous post titled – MamaIkmal Demam Lagi). Haven’t seen American Psycho, though. And some said that he’s equally sexy in Velvet Goldmine ! Emmm.. renungan mata dia, mmm.. mmg mengancam ! Except masa dia kurus gila in The Machinist la…. seksanya tgk dia !

I have TMD, but haven’t got the other two titles la. Itu pun sbb I minat sgt kat Gael Garcia. Sebenarnya saya ni susah sikit nak concentrate tonton filem2 serious ni, coz most of the time I watch movies to release tension. Takpe, nanti kalau ada masa I tgk, and share my two sen, ok ! And hugs n kisses to Shayne & Stephen !!! (I hope I got their names right)
laaaa sapa lak si mamat craig tu?.citer apa dia berlakon sebelum ni?.

mati-mati aku si john transporter tu,brutal sket.

serius,aku rasa nie bond paling boring sekali nanti.

zack,ko fanatik hp,aku fanatik bond!.

my name is bond


Damn, I was rooting for Clive Owen too! As for "big names", c'mooon, Brosnan wasn't much of a star too. The only thing I remember 'im before Goldeneye was The Lawnmower Man. Still, Craig should be interesting. Though has the harshest face by far, once you watched Layer Cake my dear, you can completely understand why he was chosen. And, who ever describes him as not good looking enough for the part, maybe they should look in a mirror some time themselves. Har! (long pause) Har! (long pause) Har!
takkan la ko minat george lazenby kot?
Yob, kau bond apa? Bond-tot, hehehh.. sori gurau jek. Actually, aku kureng skit hero2 high profile cam 007 ni. Egoistical and berlagak. Aku suka hero2 aku low profile (Batman), reluctant (Spiderman) and brainy (Klaus Baudelaire). Yeah, and gay (Spongebob Squarepants). ;-)

For more info on DC, klik sini - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0185819/

NM, appearance isn’t everything. I mean, DC is not that bad looking either (There’re uglier Brit blokes in Guy Ritchie films, but hey, I’m not complaining !). I’ve bought Layer Cake yonks ago, but hell, damn you pirates !!!! Gambar mcm sampah ! Malasnya aku nak beli satu lagi…

Oohh, now that you’ve mention The Lawnmower Man, Jobe, Jobe, Jobe, he’s one of the sexiest villain on TV. Kinda make me feel like going online. Right now. Yeah.
Clive Owen is the obvious choice isn't it? tapi aku rasa diaorang nak buat kelainan..sebab tu la daniel craig terpilih.. Acting-wise memang dia bagus.. besides layer-cake u should check out Sylvia and Road To Perdition. Tapi James Bond yang kita kenal adalah seorang butt-kicking ladies man.. So I'm not too sure bout that..
Aku rasa James Bond walaupun filem dia camtu tapi dia kinda complicated gak. Yelah, bayangkanlah, dia handsome, suave, classy, charming, sophisticated, misogynistic, playful, witty, ruthless and cold all in one go. Cuma masalahnya, tulah, dah salah bawak; cam Batman dalam Batman & Robin la. Kah! Kah! (Gelak sendirik sebab teringat dialog2 one liner drpd mamat yg berlakon Stay Hungry tu.)
Anyway, apa-apa pun kan.... the basic logic, pemilihan "blond James Bond" is still culturally distasteful (in my humble opinion la). Kan James Bond tu dah kira ikon dunia. One of the most recognisable characters (if not THE MOST) as far as film culture is concerned. Kalau boleh, biarlah rupa fizikal tu universal sikit. A look that people world-wide can easily relate to. Tapi blond? Hmmm, too much of 'Aryanism' - to say the least. Satu bentuk suntikan imperialis tanpa sedar? (Ha ha ha.. ni dah merapik meraban pula. Terlebih analitik!).

Tapi saya suka dengan Pierce Brosnon. His typical very celtic look has simply made the JB caharcter more appeal to wider culture. That is what we should expect from a global icon, kan?

tq..dah hugs and kisses dah...meleleh leleh air liur hehehehe! oh banyak betul komen tapi kelakar betul baca komen ayob de bond-tot! hahahaha

To me lah kan Craig tu kalau jadi sidekick Bond boleh la..tapi I still prefer my bond to be the bond! macam kata nazim..also second the comment made by vedder. kalau bond tu nampak cam tak bond..macam mana nak introduce 'my name is bond..James Bond'

Also to nazim, memang selalu dah tengok muka di cermin and just to let yu know..yes I'm still gorgeuous cewahh!!

Ok la kalau mereka dah tak dapat cari sangat muka baru dan nak lain dari yg lain, datanglah ke Asia ni, ramai yg ada potential jadi James Bond or maybe james Bong!( brader selambakodok maybe)

4 sen je
nak join der fun, nakkkk, nakkk:

1. How many Bond movies have you seen?
I think mostly all of it except for Connery's last 3.

2. What is your favourite Bond film? Your least favourite ?
fav: Live & Let Die
least: Licence To Kill

3. Who is your favourite 007 ? Your least favourite 007 ?
roger moore, roger moore, roger moore..least? dunno yet..

4. Do you have a favourite Bond girl? (If ‘Yes’ who?)
Kim Basinger, kim basinger, kim basinger. Oh ya, and Jane Seymour

5. Do you have a favourite villain ?
That guy in The Spy Who Loved Me. Just love gigantus crazy guys.

6. What is your favourite Bond spoof/ remake ?
Austin Powers & Jefry Zain!

7. Which actress would you like to see in the next bond film? Why?
Demi Moore coz she just kick ass!! waaauuuoooo…

8. Daniel Craig is the new (Blond) Bond. What do you think ?
kita tgk dulu...

Siot arr Fadz, baru ingat nak wat dulu! Cis! Anyway...

1. How many Bond movies have you seen?
Probably all of 'em.

2. What is your favourite Bond film? Your least favourite? Fav?
Fav: From Russia with Love
Least: Die Another Day

3. Who is your favourite 007? Your least favourite 007?
Fav: Sean Connery
Least: George Lazenby kot? Damn, no doubt!

4. Do you have a favourite Bond girl? (If ‘Yes’ who?)
No, is that mean I'm... gay?

5. Do you have a favourite villain ?

6. What is your favourite Bond spoof/ remake?
Undercover Bro.

7. Which actress would you like to see in the next bond film? Why?
This is hard. Man, I donno, Biel? Dushku?

8. Daniel Craig is the new (Blond) Bond. What do you think ?
Wei, mestilah rambut kena warna punya!
Awww, c’mon guys, do it in your own blog la !, hehe.. just kidding.

Thank you for all the comments, Edd, Rem, Kak Swan, Nazim, Fadz, Ayobkelubi, encik anonymous (which sound eerily like my brother). Got loads of things to say, but so little time. It’s that time of the year again for number crunchers – budget/ quarterly report/ audit ! Lagipun, aku tgh cari pediatrician for my son, sbb dah nak masuk 3 tahun pun masih belum boleh bertutur dgn betul. I’ve found one at Jalan Ipoh here, and will pay him a visit probably next week. Life is quite hectic now, dan aku tersangat2 la in dire need of a vacation.

Fadz, Insya Allah aku hantar barang kau lunch karang.

NM, Batman & Robin is sooooo full of corny one liners, with (un)intended puns. Bak kata Kak Yasmin Ahmad – ‘pun’tat. Having read Fleming’s 007 series since my school days, Bond is like the epitome of a perfect man. For me la. Aku cuma tak suka bab misogynistic tu jelah. In fact, any heroes that viewed women as sex objects will NOT get my vote. Period.

Kak Swan, Afdlin in a Bond movie ? Well, I think he’s perfect for the role of Oddjob in the remake of Goldfinger !

Rem, let’s just leave the analytical film stuffs to Fadz, ok! Hehe, jgn tutup periuk nasi dier..hehe, Fadz, jgn marah…

Edd, Bond = Butt-kicking-ladies’man ? Butt-licking man’s lady ? Man kicking ladies’ butt ? Ah well..

mama zack, hope ur anak is ok. dulu anak jiran nenek aku pun macam tu (umur 4 thn)..doktor tu kata it takes time, tiba masanya, bercakaplah dia..insyaAllah..

Zack, aa'ah la. Kita pula terlebih-lebih dari si Fadz yang memang mengkhusus kritik filem. :)

Raya Malaysia tahun ni sure tak meriah sebab dah tentu negara masih berkabung. Kesian kat PM kita. Tapi dah takdir, apa nak buat kan. My mum also died of cancer masa tengah bulan Ramadhan - years ago la. Pagi raya selalu kita sibuk mandi raya, solat raya dan ziarah kubur, kan? Tapi raya tahun tu, pagi-pagi lagi saya dah mandikan jenazah (yes, my mum died on the LAST DAY of Ramadhan few minutes sebelum berbuka!), pas tu solat jenazah dan bukan ziarah kubur.. tapi buat kubur baru!

1 Syawal always brings a horrible deja vu for me - terutama kalau sambut kat kampung. Luckily, tahun ni (dan the last 3 years), sambut raya kat tempat orang! Fuhhh.. lega..

Alamak.. macam skrip filem la pula.. ha ha ha ha! Sorry, Zack..

sedihnya swan dengar tentang pemergian bonda u namun banyaknya hikmah meniggal di bulan ramadhan tau. Semoga roh bondamu dicucuri rahmat..amin

Eh Zack,

Anak you 3 thn tak boleh bercakap lagi, tak pa kita boleh kongsi charts anak2 kita pasal my twins, 7 bulan pun belum boleh meniarap lagi...I asyik tolak dia tonggang terbalik sampai kekadang tu they're getting a little bit sick, Swan cuma nak bagi dia a bit of helping hand la kan,...pas tu gi jumpa peaditrician, dia marah Swan la..dia kata kalau lambat sikit tu tak pa la pasal all babies/toddlers ni ada tahap masing2..bukan sumer at the same time akan grow sama...kita selalu baca mags and babies books..so kita punya expectation tu tinggi sebab the books kata kalau 4 months dah boleh buat tu ini, pas tu bila anak kita ...yg 3 months punya act pun dia tak bleh buat, I pun gelabaH la...but now, I just let them grow the way their body tell them so...

Imagine la masa umur dia orang 2 bulan nurse kat hospital kata my second twin tu pekak pulak! Ada ke cakap cam tu kat I,...sian si boboy tu..I pun balik lepas 2 baldi air mata, decided I tak percaya kata doktor tu pasal as a mother ni kan kita punya intitution is much stronger..so I pun dlm a few months tu nak test sendiri..I laga botol la kat tinga si cinonit tu, campak loceng, ambil tudung periuk ketuk2..cam orang tak betul je,,.tapi alhamdulillah tiap kali I buat cam tu, si boboy tengok muka I in evry directions I was standing cam nak cakap, apa mummy buat ni, dah buang tebiat ke??? ketuk2 botol plak kat tinga kita...hehehehehe..now at 7 months and after 1 final test, confirm anak kita tak pekak...i think yg pekak is the nurse...

Zack latest film kita tengok is Bewitched...mmmm ok la bit boring at times..
Swan, TQ. That was my bonda - 17 years ago. Bapa pula baru 7 hari lepas. What a deja vu! (Tak sangka lepas mencoret di sini hari tu, tengah hari dapat berita pasal bapa pula). :)

Zack, ko kat mana ni? Tak muncul-muncul. Sibuk buat kuih raya?

dah balik muo ker?.

selamat berhari raya dgn suami dan ikmal serta family.

selamat makan lontong!.uwaaaaa!!!

happy eid mubarak.
selamat aidilfitri.

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