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Thursday, September 29, 2005
  Somebody Help Me !!!!
Bear with me for a while here...
At least until the end of November 2005.
(S**t, The Chronicles of Narnia pulak..)
Dunnolah, mebbe aku malas nak blog bila dah masuk bulan Ramadhan nanti...

Your best match is Draco!
Which Harry Potter Guy are you Most Compatible with?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sesapa ada kengkawan yg sama fanatik (aku fanatik HP, mcm mana sesetengah org fanatik ngan football), tolong le bagitau aku.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Which Harry Potter Guy are you Most Compatible with?

Untuk aku - Harry Potter! Sebaik tak Peter Pettigrew. Ekekekekeke..
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Zack, I have no tollerance for people like you.... that being said, I will have to track you down and brutally murder you... Have a Nice day
I've just heard of a rather large bounty that was placed on your head. If u could tell me where you live and what school you go to you have helped me very much..... My email address is dibo_dan@hotmail.com ....... Thank you for your co-orporation
The King, seriously. I don’t know which is the best way to die – brutally murdered or suicide. If u wanna do so, I’d say, ‘WTF R U WAITING FOR !!!!!!!!!?????’ F**k, aren’t u even gonna rape me first ? F**k this world, man. F**k life !!! F**k everything !!!!! Hell, have a nice day to you too.

Allah, please leave my sanity intact…please Allah…

I just need somebody who would LISTEN….
ko pergi layan benda2 bodoh tu buat apa.. lol :D


p/s: susah2, ko set je nak comment mesti login
wuiissh.. sabar zack sabar. takut aku bila ibu-ibu mengamuk. :)

..ignore and delete.
..that's the only way.
Lol-lah kuat2 skit, aku tak dgr.

Excited gila dapat death threat. Rasa nak fuck semua benda dlm dunia nih.

Tapi aku mmg tension pun sekarang. Nobody's listening kata Linkin Park. Aku dah on da brink of insanity. Which reminds me of why the f**k did I blog in the first place. To get somebody to listen? Hell Yeah !

Kalaulah ada org nak dgr apa yg dlm kepala hotak aku sekarang ni...
Edd, no offense, itu cuma alter-ego aku jek yg mengamuk tu.

Tak nak delete la, bior le kat situ. Kalau bot penis enlargement aku delete la, benda2 cam ni biorlah kat situ...

salam all the way from japan.



apa yang ko amukkan tu!.

susah ah ko dah buang tagboard.

i got harry potter!!
Ayob, aku mengamuk sbb terkena badi Bandi Amuk. Yea Yearghhhh !! Weh, bila kau balik Mesia?

Fadz, apa maksud kau ? Ko dpt filem ? Buku ? Harry Potter himself ?
amuk bandi?.looorr aku ingatkan amuk sid vicious.

aku baru beli the greatest scandals in rock n roll.

dari sex,drug and alcohol.

aku balik mesia minggu pertama bulan (menurut kamus dewan.bulan yang mempunyai 31 hari _ _ S _ _ _ _ R ) isi tempat kosong tu zack untuk soalan ke 6!.hahaha
Siot la ko Ayob. Ko tak tau betapa gubranya aku masa tu. Hehe..masuk2 ofis, bos aku ckp- 'Zack, bulan 10 Disember ye?' Hahaha, aku blur sekejap la....
hi zack, apa kena tiba-tiba ada orang mengamuk kat sini? Sibuk aje dia buat kacau.. anyway, Harry Potter tetap best
! Dah accomplished satu lagi tempat penggambaran filem HP which was Edinburgh Castle last Sunday. :D Jangan jeles yeh.. Satu lagi, if I am not mistaken, the very tall bridge from HP2 where Harry & Ron fly with the flying car trying to catch up with Hogwarts Express. Saw it from the train, tapi tak sempat nak snap a picture to show it to you. La'er babe.
Effa, I'm turning green with envy....:-(
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