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Monday, September 26, 2005
  So You Are THE Rock Star !
When Fortune knocks…

One thing that sucks about NOT having Astro at home, is not being able to see/ hear/ enjoy this guy in action….

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The Man & The Band

Click here -- >

Hell Yeah ! J.D Fortune is THE MAN. But really, I don’t know how he fares compared to the late Hutchence. Guess I just have to wait until one of the free tv’s screen this show. Which is like...whenever. S***t…

Further reading - undercover dot com


JD rocks.. but he has a little attitude problem. I'm afraid that he might throw a tantrum (just like he did in the show) and actually quit the band. My favourite is Marty Casey, Mig Ayesa and Jordis Unga (yummy!).

Download la Zack.. kat internet banyak. Dengar lagu Trees ciptaan Marty Casey. Layan gila..
Two words, Edd - Dinding api.

Dulu masa buat audit (pakai laptop), rajin jugak aku download pakai Kazaa/ e-mule, la ni, takleh la. Tgh berkira2 nak beli PC letak kat rumah la ni...

Aisey, kalau kau ada, burnkan aku la...
Aku ada mp3 aja zack. Bleh tahan gak la banyaknya.. Semua performances yang aku minat la. Kalau ko nak mp3 tarak hal.. Tapi of course seeing them perform live is much,much better..!
mp3 tak nak la. Mmg tak dpt lawan perasaan best giler tgk live performance !
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