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Thursday, September 22, 2005
  Nerds v Geeks
Geek vs Nerd ? Which one are you ?

From Wikipedia…

A nerd is an intelligent person fascinated by knowledge and learning. In contrast, a geek is a person merely fascinated by technology. Not only that, but many geeks also watch cinema movies or read fiction books. A typical geek's brain probably has active both its logic and imagination centers, while the brain of a nerd may have an extremely active logic centre and an underperforming imagination centre.

Usually most nerds like technology, too, but their primary focus is on theoretical knowledge, mostly on scientific topics. Watching movies or reading fiction books is not part of the nerd culture. True nerds read 1500-page science books and rarely go out with friends (if they have any).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Who are you calling nerd, nerd ?

Both nerds and geeks are ambitious, but in different ways (Geek: "I want to make money with my great programming skills!!", Nerd: "I want to become a famous scientist, more famous than Einstein!!").
The life of a nerd is about accumulating knowledge. Nerds rarely think of using the knowledge they possess. Geeks, on the other hand, do use their knowledge and apply their technological skills in their daily life.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hermione Granger & Klaus Baudelaire; a few of celluliod nerds.

It is possible for a nerd to have a geeky side. Similarly, some intelligent geeks may have some nerdy characteristics, such as a special interest in science. Actually most nerds and geeks share many common characteristics.

A geek usually has more social contacts than a nerd, but both geeks and nerds have poor social skills. Both geeks and nerds are proud of their superior intelligence, but usually nerds are more intelligent than geeks.

Nerds like to use their real names on the Internet, often abbreviated as a three-letter acronym formed from the initials of their first name, middle name and last name. Nerds may also form nicknames which may include or be based on their real names, but they never or rarely hide their real names. Geeks on the other hand prefer to hide their true identities and use nicknames, often based on science fiction stories or operating system mascots.

Although nerds and geeks have similarities, they often dislike each other. However, they know that they can enrich themselves via their interaction (for example, a nerd may know perfect Computer Science and Mathematics, while a geek may possess superior programming skills).

Mainstream culture hates the geek and nerd subcultures, but after the emergence of computers society started to accept geeks out of necessity (because of their technological skills). Nerds, however, are still shunned by the society (except possibly posthumously, or if the nerd is forced to make their ideas public and said ideas have a positive effect for society at large).

Whatever the society thinks of them, both nerds and geeks are proud for what they are.

Hmm.. judging from the characteristics, aku rasa la, aku ni 50% Nerd, 50% Geek. Dah lama aku takde kawan rapat (a homo sapien, in flesh n blood), chit chatting like normal people do. My life dah confined to work/ home/ blog/ anak, sometimes i think it's quite hard to strike a conversation with a REAL people in the REAL world. Ala.. mcm Ah Keong dalam iklan Streamyx tu. I think I'm just like him, only takde balak2 cun menjerit/ pengsan atau berlari2 mengejar aku...


hahaha.... couldn't agree more... tapi kan... my life takde lah confine to just work, net and home... i do spend times with my friends.. lepak coffee bean... gi mamak and pekena teh tarik.... life is short.... enjoy it..

kawan rapat tu ada... tapi boleh kira dengan jari lah... those people, I truly treasure in my heart..

funny you should mention einstein... do you know he wasn't that smart when he was a kid... in fact he was a school drop out.. tapi he has some miracle.. he knows music... i read somewhere that he derived E=mc² by violin lesson...
Kengkawan ? Kau bujang boleh la. Kalau aku ni camner? (mak orang yg takde maid merangkap number cruncher). Hmm kalau aku kemaruk sgt nak ice blended coffee pun, aku turun jek kat bawah BB Plaza ni, tapau dan bawak naik, minum sengsorang kat kubikel aku...

Tapi kan, masa aku bujang dulu pun aku banyak concentrate on my job (auditor, man, where got life?). Sabtu Ahad pun kerja. Aku rasa aku mmg camtu kot...
alah... tak jugak... kawan aku, mother of 2 cute kids... lagi lah... dah 30... into marketing lagik...

kitorang still boleh hang out.. gi makan... gi clubbing sometimes...

just manage time well lah..tapi betul jugak... kerja tu kadang2.. menyusahkan...

anyway, how old do you think I am...
Laaa zack, sebelum I got to the part where you mentioned that ah keong streamyx, I dah teringat kat dia tu ... zack ni macam tu ke? I... alahai, dah boleh jadi mak budak nerd or mak budak geek pun. Anak2 2 org pakai specs entahlah nerd or geek aaa?
QoTH : tak kisah lah nerd @ geek pun... asalkan jadi orang sudah...
Maddox : Takleh nak agak la. Early 30’s ? Well, marriage life differs from one person to another. Depends on who you marry la. Your spouse can be either strict / relaxed/ fun loving/ pious/ etc, and that, my friend can affect your lifestyle. Clubbing ? The only club aku masuk is Grolier Book Club to buy books for Ikmal.

QotH : Pakai spek tak semestinya geek/ nerd. Mungkin diaorg rabun…
hehehe.... early 30's... that is too old lah..... I just turned 25 lah.... kenapa... tak percaya ke....

what u said is true... it depends actually.. for me, senang... kalau i dah kahwin nanti.. i'll give my wife her own liberty and freedom.. and I need mine too...
Percaya. Most bloggers aku rasa dlm that age range.

As for freedom,hmmm... it's easier said than done. Kena consider mcm2 factors, but i won't go into that issue...
Ish zack ni, dah pakai specs tu, memanglah rabun, adik ai! You pakai specs ke kalau tak rabun? Kalau rabun tak pakai specs tu, adalah :)
Kak Queen, ada budak pakai spek sbb nak tiru Harry Potter...

MamaIkmal : Setakat ni baru 5 kali tukar spek sejak sekolah menengah.
My son (darjah 2) baru pakai specs belum sampai setahun ...... dah 4 pasang! Last-last beli yang murah ajelah.
I dah pakai specs sejak darjah 6... so it's like 13 years already...

kena panggik geek @ nerd tu takde la... bookworm tu selalu.. coz I am a bookworm.... masuk toilet pun I bawak something to read.. hahaahh!!
Kak Queen, biasa la tu. Nama pun anak lelaki !

Maddox, aku bawak novel Dan Brown masuk toilet pejabat, ok. Siap sorok bawah tudung takut terkantoi ! Kat rumah toksah citer la...
me, 1 wife :-), 3 childrens. my frend in real life are from gengjurnal community.since 2001.some of them i can consider as a best friend.

since ko bertanya ttg JK, aku reserve utk ko 1.delivery bila dah ada kat tgn aku nanti, pandai2 kita arrange.aku kat menara bankrimau aje.. ok?

I do not think ur a nerd nor a geek. By the way the article u wrote on the topic were WTH and WTF? and was actually great!! Who wud've tot anybody cud come out with that humongous jargon from their head straight on to their blog. But u did it. I still wonder (and will continue to wonder) how did u ever manage to do that.

Look i kno u. (I kno u thenlaa) U r not one of those. All of us has a little percentage of both but knowing u. U are ... how shall i say this.... More than meet the eyes (pinjam transformers nyer tagline).

Cuma since childhood u r trapped in the eldest in the fam, responsibility thingy, an example to the kid bro n sis, mak bapak's hope etc blah blah. And now ur a mama and a wifey. U do not really open up and show yr true self up. It really shows when somebody actually talked to you and the frakking (pinjam afdlin) BLOG shows that u r somebody who are great to be with.

Yeah u dont talk either much but we talked enuff for me to be able to conclude this. You are the best friend anybody cud ever hv. And i am glad i hd that chance.

En Spyz : Wokeh, set.

Faiz : Hallamak…mcm tribute pulak, sedih woo. Btw, aku cuma nak berkongsi apa yg aku suka/ tau dengan sesapa yg sanggup mendengar. That is why I blog in the first place. Pasal nerd/geek, woi, aku mmg species tu la…
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