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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  Naked-ness Is Not Wearing A Watch On Your Wrist
I’m really missing something right now. My RM300 Roscani watch, to be exact. Worn since 1998, it was one of the prizes I’ve got in Pop Kuiz (Aznil was the host then), and ironically, I loved it very much, considering that I am the type of person that’s not too keen on wearing a ‘feminine’ watch.

I lost it on the way to a wedding in PJ a few years back, and God knows, I have searched high and low for it (in the car, that is). Or maybe I have accidentally dropped it on the roadside while stopping for refreshment? Either way, the ‘los’ one has not been ‘faun’ until today (sori ye Afdlin, I used ur terms).

And since then, I’ve been on and off relationship with watches. Every now and then, I would stroll along the notorious Petaling Street, hopping from one (fake) brands to another, but hell, the search for a life-time companion seems futile until now. So far, I’ve been with a (fake) Guess?, Omega and apa lagi aku dah lupa, but after a while, when the batteries wear off, I would just throw ‘em away (these watches biasanya one-off). S**t, I really feel like a two-timing playgirl in the watches world.

Sigh... sementara tgh ada duit ni, aku teringin sangat nak beli one of those Mickey Mouse watches. I’ve had one when I was a kid, but that model dah obsolete la (the one you have to manually wind up from time to time, remember or not, Coy?). Am really thinking of buying one right now, tapi masih belum ketemu the right model. Aku dah kuar masuk banyak kedai, tapi most of ‘em takde jual that kinda watches. I went as far as the World of Cartoon, tapi yg ada cuma saiz budak2. Frust betul…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Bob Langdon/ Dan Brown, you’ve unleashed the kid in me…

So please, Constant Readers, sesapa ada suggestion or recommendations on where to buy such watches (model, brand, price), please, pretty please inform me. I feel really ‘naked’ without a watch on my wrist right now…

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aku nak suggest philippe starck's fossil, tapi tak "seswai" la untuk org tua cam nko.. untuk remaja mcm aku, ok la kot.. huhuhu (heck, sejak 3 tahun dulu aku meleleh air liur layan fossil2 yg harga mcm fossil bebetul dalam showcase kat klcc tu!)



p/s: ye, aku still dgn BUM 180 ringgit aku, dibeli 4 tahun nan lalu..
sorry double post (aku lagii!!!), tapi check out design2 fossil yg lain tu... serius mmg cun! kawaiii!!!

Orang tua kau panggil aku ? Ceh, aku tak la tua sangat, walaupun taste ada skit2 cam org muda...

Ala, aku nak yg mickey mouse punya la. Kalo yg mcm Fossil's design tu, taknak la. Banyak kat Sg Wang, murah jek. Aku nak jam analog, dgn date skali.
hey zack...
aku pun dah lama tak pakai jam.. so used to refer to my hp..
tapi sebenarnya jam2 aku semua dah ketat..bukan setakat pipi ngan badan yg bertambah tembun..tangan pun sama..hihi
so ape latest contest yg ko masuk skrg?
zack, ingat! aku pun suka jam mickey mouse tu! aku ingat sekolah rendah dulu aku ada satu, masuk sekolah menengah mickey mouse gak tapi ala2 pesen org tua nye. nanti aku try carikan kat sini...
coy..bukan stakat jam je kut.. bila teringat zaman skolah..mesti teringat ko and mickey mouse
so cute..
Coy : Super kawaii !! Thanks, Coy ! Kau tetap Mickey Mouse queen ! btw, aku nak beli bukan apa, saja jek, sbb excited ngan Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon. The character wears a Mickey Mouse watch to remind him to stay young at heart ! Also, when the movie opened next year (The Da Vinci Code), and if Ron Howard decided to potray Tom Hanks sebijik mcm dalam buku, hell, you know the demand for such watches akan increase ! Better aku beli now…

Lin : Tgh berkira2 nak masuk Binari punya contest la. Latest one- tgh tunggu result – Vitagen, Courts Mammoth (rasanya takde harapan), apa ntah lagi aku tak ingat. Btw, aku baru start beli Sijil Simpanan Premium, hehe, mana la tau…Weh, Dutch Lady punya kau masuk ke? Aku tatau la brapa logo dia, 48 ke 49 ? Yg kat apron tu kira logo jugak ke? Penin, penin… Lin, leceh la everytime nak tgk hp. Kalau hp kecik comel gantung kat leher, boleh la. Aku masih guna Nokia 3210. Nak gantung kat leher? I don’t think so…
hihi.. i guess mine wasnt that small either.. and doesnt even know what model it is.. biasala aku slalunya guna hp yg laki aku takmo pakai dah..
aku beli gak binari tapi tak sempat lagi tengok maya karin shows on tv3..err "stg from the east" .. made my hubby promised to leave at 5:30pm today sbb nak tengok mlm ni.. (normally got the slogan from the show itself).. after all last night kul 10 mlm kitaorang baru balik.. jenuh aku tunggu kat opis sampai sakit kepala.. dutch lady tak masuk.. ko tak perasan dia select yg terbanyak? malasla unless i drink it everyday..
wah OKB.. we plan to buy SSP gak next year from ASB bonus. not this year..takde budget lorr
Lin, SSP takyah beli bebanyak. Yg penting rezeki. And luck. Aku beli RM500 jek (4wd tgh cari buyer lagi).

Aisey, ye ke yg terbanyak ? Bukan penyertaan ke 1000 atau 10000 ke? Cis, sia2 aku beli susu bebanyak. Takpelah. kalsium.
Alaa, Zack nak cari jam mickey nak sama macam Princess Sophie... he he he he


p/s: Hv to declare my identity nanti Afdlin's fans kata aku babi plak!
Dude, kau dah baca Angels & Demons tak. Aku rasa, Vittoria Vetra lagi sexxxxyyyy dr Sophie Neveu (she's in shorts in most of the part). Pergh, and Langdon dlm A&D tak lah se'nerd' dlm DVC.

FYI, aku jumpa a few designs, tapi :-
1. Kecik sgt
2. Bagak sgt
3. Childish sgt
4. Chokia sgt

Rasanya aku nak cari Ladies' Fossil la. Hari tu aku ada terjumpa satu...

Ala.. si Afdlin tu, punya la ramai fans bagi sokongan/ dorongan/ komen baik, yg tang babi tu jugak yg dia sibukkan...
Blom baca lagilaaah, am trying to finish my "1421, the year chinese discovered the world". Peh... aku rasa baca buku ni macam game book (Lone Wolf) coz i need to stop, look at the maps and illustrations, do some research in their website, read other journals to confirm their claims etc.

I had my swatch since 1997 and its still on my hand since. Because it was so reliable, i bought another one on 2002. I do not need to buy anywatch at least until i got a 5 figure paycheck. Cheap and reliable. Not that cheap tho, i had a swatch irony chrono. rm450 a piece. But damn worth it!
Mesti bagak gila kau punya chrono tu. Seswai la ngan kau...

Aku pun ingat nak cari satu swatch/ g-shock (meleleh air liur aku tgk catalog 2005-2005 dia), tapi takut tak seswai la. y'know tgn mcm lidi, jam besar gila.
zack, dah try cari satu tokyo takde mickey mouse tu. ada yg rupa ala2 sama tapi guna batt biasa. imran pun sibuk tolong carikan kat internet. ada 2nd hand nye about RM250, RM1000 lebih pun ada. dah jadik barang antique kot...


Coyyyy !!!!!

Thank you vv much, and susah2 kan kau jek cari. Thanks a lot too, to Imran. Send my regards to him.
The ones yg dalam gambar tu, lebih kurang mcm jam aku dulu, tapi leceh sbb kena wind-up sendiri. Aku rasa jam kau dulu pakai batt, right ?

N'way, Coy, aku rasa aku belum layak lagi pakai jam RM1k la....

Thanks again !
Excellent, that was really well explained and helpful
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