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Thursday, September 01, 2005
  The Most Dreaded Four-Letter-Word
Cinta Itu Ibarat Kurap, Semakin Digaru Semakin Sedap...

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Cinta ibarat sekotak coklat; kita takkan tau apa kita akan dapat…

Haha, kalaulah aku si watak utama siri reality TV Mencari Cinta, susah woo..among the criteria to win the heart of MamaIkmal…(hey, I can dream, can’t I ?)

Hadiah pertemuan
Out : Flowers, stuffed animals, jewelleries.
In : DVD’s, books, chocolates !!! And a temporary bracelet tattoo. (I've always wanted one of these..)

Makan malam :
Out : Candle-light, romantic dinner, with Sahri crooning Sonata Musim Salju. PM.
In : All-You-Can-Eat buffet - Western + Chinese + Italian + lotsa desserts ! Boleh tapau.

Kebolehan/ bakat :
Out : Karaoke, esp. lagu2 otai (“I did it myyyyy waayyyyyy”) Foul. Silap besar.
In : Kebolehan mengaji dan berzanji dgn menggunakan suara dr perut…dan mestilah gondol dan berasal dr Felda Taib Andak.. hoi ! Gila ke? Sorry, sorry, terlebih2 pulak…

Hmmm… patut la awal2 lagi kau dah tersingkir…;-)

Apa pun, Abah Ikmal tak pernah perlu membuat semua tu utk memenangi hati aku. Just a simple, hardworking guy yg sayangkan keluarganya. THAT, my friend, is enough to make me say ‘Aku terima nikahnya…’ (aisey, mcm aku pulak yg salam Tok Kadi, ye lah, takkan nak cakap ‘I do’ pulak kan?…).

Clichéd, tapi itulah kita. Semuanya nak tiru omputeh. Kita, as Malays, masih ada tatasusila dan adab sopan. Tak perlu rancangan reality atau undian sms utk mencari jodoh. Pada aku, jodoh pertemuan, ajal, semuanya di tangan Allah. Hmm, bab ni mmg aku berfikiran old school sikit. Biarlah. Biarlah Elly terjun dgn (Joe) labi-labinya…


I have browsed and came across your blog. And it was so nice. Although I can't read and don't understand what you have written in your own languages :)

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Hey there! Welcome !

It's not that I don't wanna write in English. I think in bi-lingual, hehe ;-)
I have been to malaysia once. I'm Thai. So cool to came across Malaysian's blog
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