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Friday, September 16, 2005
  Meme On Life
Got this one from Coy (babynwatashi dot blogspot)

mari kita bermeme

20 years ago, 1985
A too-tall-for-her-age kid, with wavy hair, whose biggest fear is missing the school bus. In year 3 of Sultan Abu Bakar Girls' Primary School, Muar. Loves Thundercats, MASK, Misfits of Science, and aspired to be a doctor when she grows up. Oh, yeah, Mom gave birth (again !!) to my 7th sibling. Huhu, it’s tough being the big sistah !

10 years ago, 1995
First year student of Diploma in Accountancy in (then) ITM Shah Alam. Hated the course so much, she displayed her rebellious nature by turning into music. LOUD music. Managed to get the Deans List twice, though. Enjoyed extracurricular activies outside the course more than studies. Participated in almost everything under the sun, just like in high school. Held various posts in the accountancy faculty, residential college and the compulsory extra-curricular activities, except for sports.

5 years ago, 2000
A freshie in one of the middle-sized audit firm in KL. Known as the token Malay auditor (who managed to stay there for MORE than 3 years in an audit firm) Promoted twice in the course of 4 ½ years. Met Abah Ikmal in 2001, the workaholic, then stationed in Jerantut as a Special Administrator for one of the company’s client.

3 years ago, 2002
Got hitched ! Wedding in January, Ikmal Haniff came into this world after 10 months. Officially a Chartered Accountant (the letter came while she was in confinement). Joined Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and bagged home RM8k.

Last year, 2004
Quit my job after a tumultous year of increasing number of (and complicated-ness) accounting standards. Feeling so stressed out, she broke down and cried on the stairs of LRT Titiwangsa. Spent the next 6 months temping at a multi-national shipping firm in Subang before joining this (then) listed property developer. Haven’t looked back since then.

This year, 2005
Discovered the whole new world of blogging. Participated in Kunci Khazanah and took home a 4WD. Anak, masih satu. Life goes on as usual in Zacksville.

Next year, 2006
Planning for another offspring, hopefully. Still in the same company. (Hmm.. aku ni realist sikit la. Tak berani nak plan for the future in a long term basis). I believe in Murphy’s law.

Ten years from now, 2015
Trying to lead a healthy, cancer-free life. Or better still, trying to stay ALIVE ! Still in Malaysia, and hopefully boleh jadi somebody by this time…and yes, I hope by this time aku tak payah kerja teruk2 lagi.. just concentrate on my sons and daughters (kalau ada la).

Who to pass this one to : All my Constant Readers (u know who u are). Enjoy !


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