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Friday, September 16, 2005
  All Things Just Keep Getting Better ?
Last week, as I was about to enjoy my weekly dose of the Fab 5, aku terperanjat jap. Eh? Where are MY Fab 5?

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (UK)

Oh, diorg buat UK version. On a longer note, WOW's associate producer in London, Johnni Javier, reviews the cast. And man, I have to agree with this guy…

"Personally, look-wise, I wouldn't want to 'do' any of them, but then I'd only really want to do Jai & possibly Kyan (yesss!!!) from the US version. Personality-wise, they're OK. I mean, I didn't like Carson the first time I saw him. Julian, the Carson of the UK, is this wee-little guy who is camp as Christmas but already quite endearing. The way he takes his little mini dachshund Lulu everywhere helps. (Duh, another Paris Hilton ?)

Peyton, the shaved head American (Michael Stipes lookalike) food & drink guy, is more toned-down and comes over as just a nice guy and the most down to earth and straight-acting of the bunch. Jason, the culture one, has that young Corbin Bernsen look and is up for a laugh. Interesting that they chose an Australian for culture, 'cause we know that goes hand in hand. Dane Bailey (muka cam Nick Carter), also Australian, does the interiors and is the boring, no-personality. He probably comes over the most as having attitude. Funny, though, that in pop-bitch yesterday there was a posting that claimed he used to be a high-class hooker (huh ?). Not sure about the 'high-class' but then let's face it, it's London and half the scene queens have done rent one time or another. And Tristan Eves, the grooming guy, didn't have much of a look-in, so didn't really get much personality across on this one, so verdict still out on that one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
THE One and Only Fab 5 for me, please!


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Oh ya, I too kinda miss the 'original' Fab 5. This kind of reality show is good,clean fun. Mencari Cinta ???? Noooooo, it just does not go with our Malay(sian) culture, in my humble opinion.
QotH, version UK ni short-lived la. I loved the original fab 5, esp Carson. Kelakar gila mamat tu.
Better him than Elly Zakaria. Oh ya, i think, bukan saja that show tak seswai, hos dia pun tak seswai gila !
Host dia heheheh sometimes macam terlebih-lebih gila, period. Anak2 I yang sekolah rendah & tadika pun menyampah tengok!
dah tgk Whose Line Is It Anw on starworld, lagi berbaloi dari ni..but opss, u takde astro...good!
Ala, Fadz, aku slalu follow WLIIA masa diorg tayang kat ntv7 agaknya dulu. My kinda comedy (impromptu, slapstick dan selamba). Really wonders whether diorg tu ada skrip, atau betul2 boleh come up ngan ideas tu masa tu jugak. Best ! One of my fave. Even better than The Drew Carey Show/ The Wayne Brady Show (walaupun ada org yg sama).
Saye njoy baca crita2 u...menarik.. i don't have that kind of life & interesting story to share.... bosan kan??? anyway...'nice to know u...'.
- labushy@yahoo.com -
labushy, welcome !
Hidup aku cuma interesting di alam maya sahaja.
Di alam nyata, bosan tahap cipan.

Dtglah selalu, drop ur dua sen kalau sudi...
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