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Monday, August 29, 2005
  Dah-ling, My Eyes Are Up *Here*
Hari tuh, adik aku ada bertanya.
“Long, duit hadiah tu, kau nak buat beli apa?”
Aku : Entah la aku pun tak tau lagi…

Hmmm… nampaknya hari ni, dah luak sikit duit hadiah tu. RM250 aku guna buat spek baru yg powernya dah bertambah dek gila blogging. Dan semalam…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Kak, versi Sudoku punya takde ke? Bras for geeks.

Aku beli bra !!!
6 kesemuanya.
Dari satu jenama.
Ada kaler maroon, purple, dua shade of baby blue, light turquoise, dark pink and girly pink. All under-wired and two of ‘em are push-ups. Haha. Vivid tak?
(Bukan, bukan, aku bukan obses mcm obsesnya Imelda Marcos atau Carrie Bradshaw pada kasut. Dan juga bukan meng-lucahkan diri di blog sendiri. Sekadar berkongsi…)
Cuma, pada aku, a good bra, is one that makes you feel comfortable.
Tak terlalu ketat, tak terlalu longgar.
One that gives you an extra lift (pun intended) when you feel down or moody…

Untuk adik2 yg baru nak belajar, atau kakak2 yg nak tips on how to buy a good bra, dan abg2 yg teringin nak belikan insan tersayang hadiah istimewa, boleh la ke
sini, sini, dan sini, untuk tips2 yg berguna !


wah cayalah!
apa la yang di caya tu....
Entahnya, kaezrin.

Would you like to enlighten us all with your two sen? Pergh, mcm cikgu pulak aku ni...

btw, this post was meant to be educational la, considering that the death toll caused by breast cancer is on the rise, us women should do the necessary to prevent it or detect it at an early stage.
zackkkkkkkkkkk, tell me about anugerah skrin, who won? i baca dlm afdlin baru i tau...plssss tell meeeeeeeeeee!!! i balik 5 sept ni!!
A’kum Fadz !

Well, sori la, aku tak tgk sgt Anugerah Skrin (tak ingat la aku tgk citer apa mlm tu), but if u wanna know the full list of winners, go here:


No sign of Sepet or the lady herself mlm tu though…(pls correct me if I’m wrong, guys).
hehe, thxx
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