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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  Life Lesson # 327
Semalam pagi, aku dapat tau
With a little courage
(And extra moolah)
Any fear can be conquered

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(Sungguh ku tak mampu.. menahan sakit ah, ah)

Ah what the heck?
After 15 minutes, its all over…
No f*****g pain whatsoever.
Sometimes aku rasa cam irrational jer,
the fear yg aku pendam selama approx. 20 over years
Boleh hilang in a matter of hours…

PS: For those yg masih takut nak gi dentist, aku cuma boleh kata – Just Do It!

YOU and only YOU can make a difference !


mmg ramai yg takut nak pegi jumpa dentist, my hubby dah sakit gigi lama, puas pujuk pon tak nak jugak pegi..geram betul...kat mana ada dentist yg bagus ek?
Welcome, kak!

Hmm.. tatau le camne nak ckp, coz my hubby pun sampai sekarang belum berani nak gi dentist. Kalau sakit, sanggup dia gi kedai ubat cina beli ubat sakit gigi !

Good dentists ada banyak, but depends on your budget juga. Like myself, my company ada provide dental allowance of RM250 per annum, so, tak lah membebankan sgt. The dentist yg I went to is at Sg Wang Plaza (dekat ngan office). Fong & Goh namanya. Pleasant environment, friendly dr and staffs and equipmentnya kira up to date jugalah. As for the payment, be prepared to fork out RM100-RM200 (saya kena around RM250, including x-ray n everything). And it was PAINLESS! Sampai sekarang (except ada sikit2 throbbing, tapi takdelah teruk sgt) Tapi, disebabkan saya ni pengecut, tak kira la. Janji hilang sakit…
i'm sure the range of price around that jugak, 100-200, and that's one of my hubby excuses, buang duit nak cabut gigi...tapi bila beli brg computer up to 1k++ tak pe plak..hai..what to do, men and their toys..but better those gadgets than girls la kan..ahak
Hmm.. but some guys do treat their toys more than they would their girl !
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