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Thursday, April 21, 2005
  Make Me Beautiful...
Tell me what you don't like about youself...

My current indulgence. I borrowed the Nip/Tuck- The Complete Season One DVD from my office-mate, Sany, last fortnight, and until now, I still haven't finished the second disc, which is up to the 5th episode. Biasa la.. kena main tug of war ngan Ikmal, him with his Spongebob Squarepants...
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Nip/Tuck is about the life of two plastic surgeons with a completely different outlook on life. Dr Christian Troy(played by the dashing Julian McMahon, last seen as Mr Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed), is a suave, sexy, manipulative guy, and he uses his charm to bed as many ladies as he could. His partner at McNamara/Troy, Dr Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is a family man with two kids, but his marriage is not as what it seems, as his wife, Julia (played by Joely Richardson) is a woman with skeletons in her closet. The episodes revolved around their profession (termasuklah patients yang wierd and funny) and their intertwined and sometimes absurd love life.
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Do you want it fine or do you want it perfect?
Season Two is currently shown on (8tv/ntv7? aku tak ingat), but then aku rasa aku akan dapatkan dalam versi DVD. No commercial breaks, and plus, you can watch extras. e.g deleted scenes from the cutting room floor. Tak sabar nak tengok !!!

Favourite quote : "[in reference to the vandalizing of his car] I'm serious, I felt violated. The last time I felt like this was back in the early 90s when some girl shoved her finger up my butt with no warning"- Christian
Favourite patient (until the current CD) : A tie between Sophia Lopez and Mrs Grubman
Tell me what you don't like about yourself : My tummy, my thighs, my a$$, post-Ikmal


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