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Friday, April 01, 2005
  Kill Din, Vol. 1
I rarely eat rice for lunch. The typical lunch for me would normally consist of bread with tuna/ burger/ corn-in-a-cup or sushi. But since my tummy had been grumbling since 11.45 a.m today, I have decided to eat nasi campur for lunch. It would be more filling and gosh, how I missed the delicious home-cook meals at our café at Level 4 of the building.

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(Not the actual place, to protect the privacy)

So I went down at exactly 1.00 pm, and queued with the rest of the hungry people. Yes, the food here is really good; we have the Malays, Chinese and Indians eating here, even those from nearby offices. And reasonably priced too; usually the typical lunch of rice + a piece of fish/chicken/meat + veggie would cost you around RM3.50 – RM5.00.Yummy, I took some rice, ikan cencaru sumbat, some Japanese tofu cooked with oyster sauce and a small piece of squid, and queued up to pay for it. But I haven’t prepared myself for what came next…

Me : Berapa bang?
BSMFI : Enam ringgit
Me : (A bit surprised, but I maintained my cool) Enam ringgit?
BSMFI : Hah,yelah, nasi 50 sen, tahu dua ringgit, ikan dua ringgit setengah, sotong seringgit. Jadi enam ringgit lah.
Me : Sotong ni seringgit bang ? (Macam tak percaya)
BSMFI : Yelah, habis tu awak ingat saya overcharge ke? Saya takde nak caj lebih-lebih ni. (At this point his volume dah kuat sikit. There were people queuing up as well, and I’m already pucat). Kalau ambik lauk banyak kena bayar banyak lah, takkan ambik lauk banyak nak bayar sikit, saya bukanyya nak ambik untung banyak,..bla bla bla.. bla..
(by this time, aku dah berlalu selepas membayar RM6 dengan tangan yang terketar-ketar. Ya Allah, apa kena mamat ni? PMS ke? Aku kacau boyfriend dia ke?)

I walked out as quickly as I could from the café. Aku tak pandang orang sekeliling pun, I just want to get to my office (at level 12) and forget the whole thing. Mata aku dah bergenang dah (Marah? Tension? Malu?), dalam hati aku menyumpah-nyumpah mamat ni. What the hell was that all about?

Sampai kat pantry office, aku bukak nasi yang aku beli tadi. I stared at my lunch and thought, “I got publicly humiliated for this?” Aku kuis-kuis ikan tu, should I eat this thing? My appetite dah lama terbang, terbang bersama-sama semangat aku untuk hari ini. Celaka punya orang. For the next 3-4 hours, I can’t concentrate on my work. I feel like this little cheapskate shit that couldn’t even afford to pay for her lunch. Damn that fella, I hope he roasts in hell!

btw, BSMFI stands for bloody-shit-motherf*****g-idiot. Aku malas nak pakai nama sebenar, to protect the privacy of that prick.


jahat la mamat tu...
hehe, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... until today (25/4/2005) aku tak makan kat situ. mogok !
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