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Saturday, April 16, 2005
  Blame It On Kiyosaki
One fine day at the office, when one of my old friend Azwar sent us Ex-Asabinas this e-mail…

Assalamualaikum to all,

You know that kids are very pure and for them, nothing is impossible unless we, the adults condition them to such situation. That is why a childhood dreams seems to be the most exciting one.

Syifa is now a grown up 4 years old girl with lotsa question in her head. So, as for now when she ask me that kind of question, I always give her a hope that she can achieve that.

If she say, Papa I want to buy that car, live in that big house- what shall I answer? No, I don't have that money (or impliedly saying I am not able to buy that). Is it a good answer? She just answer it back- Why? Why not you have that money? You're not workin hard enough? Are you lazy? Look! you are my Papa, my superhero, why can't you do that things seem very possible to me!!

I'm not sure what is on your situation, it is open for discussion. One sure thing is we have to answer to them. I don't know about the bachelors out there...

If your kids really believe in you, why can't you believe in yourself. Believe in their dreams, believe in your dreams!

Have you really look and search for the opportunity up there...in a distance..in front of you.. are you really hungry for that?

Well..today is 13 April, in about two months from now I am going to be 30 man..It really scared me if I compare my achievement with Beckham, we're the same age.

I'm changin' my life right now - already quit Sunway two months ago, now I'm on the street learning something new. I expect different results. I don't believe in getting lucky, I believe in making myself get lucky. I'm doing sales right now, with Marcus Evans KL. I suppose that what I should do to be the next APPRENTICE!! Don't be supprise seeing me on the street selling ice cream. I also involve in real estate, selling and renting out houses.

I felt like I can do anything right now. Nothing can stop me now. So Syifa...I'll make our dream come true. I'm burning right now...

So folks keep on dreaming, keep on believin'. Remember, don't expect different result with the same approach, it ain't not going to happen!


p/s: Nashua & Adam, will ask that question too. So, be prepared Faiz.

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(I love money too, but I don't want Ikmal to see me like this every friggin' day)

This is the excerpt of my reply:-

Assalamualaikum all,

“fyi, I've tried my hands in sales when I quit my job kat AAC and Maersk dulu. (Okay la, it's direct selling, but that's considered sales jugak kan?) To be honest, sometimes, I feel really down when faced with rejections, but being in sales really boosted my self- esteem and self confidence. Above all,I've learned to stand up for myself. Dealing with real people is really different from what I usually do (dealing with reports, numbers, etc).

Ikmal is only 2 1/2. Cakap pun belum berapa reti lagi. But like u, I will always make sure that I equip him with the necessary resources in the forms of knowledge (formal/informal) and money, as well as financial literacy. I believe in Kiyosaki's ideas in "If U Wanna Be Rich, Don't Go To School" (even though my hubby strongly disagrees). To have a steady stream of income flowing in effortlessly is not impossible. U just have to know how and don't forget to put in some extras of everything (time, money, sweat and tears).

My personal dream is - to be financially indepedent, hidup senang (not mewah) and at the same time kumpul saham akhirat. As for my son, I want him to know that his parents are working very hard to provide him with everything, and money doesn't grow on trees. If he wants a big car or a big house, I will just say, "Ikmal, you can have all these when you grow up. Mama will not be able to buy them for you, but Mama will show you how you can buy them yourself." And yes, I want to be Ikmal's personal inspiration. His Wonder Woman.”

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