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Saturday, March 12, 2005
  Being Amalina Bakri
Bloody brilliant! That's the only phrase that I can describe this fellow statemate of mine. Nur Amalina Che Bakri, a student of SMK Ulu Tiram Johor, scored 17A1's in the recent SPM. Wow, Add Math pun boleh score A1, man! Whatever you're havin', girl, I wanna piece of it. For my son, that is. btw, she reminds me very much of my cousin Alin (now a houseman in HKL).

I read somewhere that her mom said that it's all in the food. Meaning - No fast/junk food, No MSG and No carbonated drinks. Well, I gotta start listing the yes and no food for Ikmal. Alahai, nak suruh makan nasi pun susah...apa nak jadi la anak aku sorang nih...

What if, like the film Being John Malkovich, we can experience the life of a genius, even if for a mere 15 minutes. (Well, I wonder where would the dropping point be, considering that our highways are not THAT smooth- ouch my butt!). I would really want to know what it feels like to be her. To know what she thinks, how she feels (and how the heck did she studied!).

Well, I guess I should be looking for the portal. The door's gotta be here somewhere...
Well woman.... I can tell you that this is the first time I ever visited your site, and it's pretty interesting.... BTW, u never told me about the grand prize!! Binawe punya cousin... In case you're wondering... I didn't get straight A's in my SPM.... Haha!! And I am not a houseman (pangkat tinggi sket skarang, pay's the same though... SUCKS!!) All the best and, tak pegi kenduri pak ndak sebi ke??
Dude, next time letak la komen kat recent posts. Sori la aku tak perasan this one. Dunno why this comment tak kuar kat e-mail.

Nway, welcome aboard. Make urself at home !
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